United States Government Grants Visa To Umer Sharif For His Treatment

united states grants visa Umer Sharif

Umer Sharif is a veteran comedian who recently got ill and is in critical condition. For the past couple of days, his family and Umer Sharif himself asking for a visa which the United States now grants.

Today PPP leader Murtaza Wahab has announced that the United States government grants a visa to Umer Sharif.

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The artist will be leaving for the United States to resume his treatment and get better. Umer Sharif has brought smiles to so many people’s faces, but looking at him in such a critical condition is not bearable. Everyone stood to support him even across the border celebrities came forward too.

Umer Sharif Granted US Visa

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The United States has granted the visa to Umer Sharif and allowing him to get the full treatment. No doubt the government played a huge role to make this happen. Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab verified the news and came forward to thank US Embassy for their gesture.

The moment it happened, Murtaza Wahab tweeted, “Even happier to inform that the visa has been issued just now. Thank u to the team at US Consulate for the support extended.”

That’s not it, Sindh government tried their best to offer every possible thing to Umer Sharif. Apart from their efforts in Visa, the Sindh government also raised the funds of around  Rs40 Million for his treatment too.

The funds will cover the expense of an air ambulance and other related costs for Sharif’s treatment abroad, stated the order issued by the provincial finance department.

umer sharif visa
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Murtaza Wahab also confirmed while speaking to the publication, the funds were transferred to the Umer family.

Further, he added, “We are committed to bearing the expenses of Umer Sharif Sahib’s treatment expenditures.”

Where it All began

Going back a few weeks earlier, it all went viral when Umer Sharif made a video in which he was seeking help from the government and PM Imran Khan.

umer sharif visa
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Right after that, it grabbed the attention of every single person in Pakistan. Celebrities came forward to support Umer Sharif and asked the government to do whatever it can.

Even Umer Sharif’s wife also cleared the air that they want a foreign visa so they can go for the treatment and not the money when the financial word is used in the media.

Looking at his situation one person came in front to help him and take the risk to the procedure in the US.  Dr. Syed Tariq Shahab the husband of the former actress Reema khan who revealed that her husband is ready to help Umer Sharif.

umer sharif high risk procedure
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Dr. Syed Tariq Shahab has agreed to perform the high-risk procedure of Umer Sharif and is helping the family to arrange his transfer to the US. Even Reema also shared,

“I am proud of my husband – Dr. Syed Tariq Shahab who has agreed to perform the high-risk procedure and is helping the family in his transfer arrangements to America,” she continued. “I have requested him to do all he can to help Umer Sharif Sahib recover from this illness.”

Umer Sharif Family Thanks Sindh Government

Jawad  Umer has said that “he was thankful to the Sindh government, especially its culture department, for taking timely steps to ensure treatment of his ailing father abroad.”

umer sharif family visa thankful
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Further, he added that his father would leave for the US for treatment via an air ambulance arranged by the Sindh government once he got the visa.”

He requested and appealed to the media “not to share pictures and video clips of his father under treatment as only a smiling face of Sharif had been seen by the public.”

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