United King Delivers a Strong Message to Customers after Viral Video Takes Over Social Media

Social media can be extremely cruel at times – your years of hard work and efforts can go down the drain for one single aspect as soon as it touches hundreds and thousands of masses. Similar to this happened with Karachi’s one of the oldest and finest bakeries, United King.

Having their business for more than three decades, never have the consumers questioned their quality, nor faced any situation that demanded them to do so. However, a recent video that was seen circulating all over the social media tampered the bakery’s years of devotion in the market.

The video was shot in United King’s Clifton branch in Karachi, showing a rat inside a biscuit cabinet. The management wasn’t aware of the issue, which made the customers present at sight take videos of the rat contaminating the food.

While the brand has not denied the presence of such a situation, United King released a statement to assure the customers they are handling this infelicitous situation. Here’s what the statement says:


We would like to issue our official statement regarding the video of our Clifton outlet which is circulating on social media. As a responsible organization, United King is vigilant regarding food hygiene & safety standards. In this regard, we are taking this incident seriously and have taken the following corrective measures in order to stop re occurrence of such incidents:

1. All contaminated products from the shelf have been discarded.
2. All branches have gone through rodent and pest control program again.
3. Concern staff has been trained by the pest management company to monitor pest control plan on a continuous basis.

United King Production facilities are implementing HACCP based food safety management system for the last decade and ISO 9001 quality management system within their retail business. Moreover now, the management at United King has also decided to implement HACCP based food management system at their retail outlets.

Lastly, we would like to thank our customers who showed their concern regarding the incident. It only instigates us to be more vigilant and take required measures. Voicing about this grave issue has certainly handed us an opportunity to be better. United King is a name built on the trust of our customers and anything that drives us towards fulfilling the objective is sacred to us.

Years of running a top-notch business and not having to deal with such a situation before, United King has shown professionalism in addressing the issue. The brand has assured hygiene alongside a promise to the customers who hopefully would never see something like this. They have adopted a proactive approach towards the problem and considered all an opportunity to amend and take noteworthy action.

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