Unforgettable Moments That Made Last Night’s Match Between Quetta & Peshawar A Real Test For Our Nerves!

PSL has been too overwhelming for us. Especially games during the night that contain a frenzy of substance to enthrall our spirits.

After a long working day, you get home in order to relax, calm down and relieve the exhaustion built up by the long haul of the day. But then PSL awaits you to tantalize your emotions, set apart the exhaustion in you and push you on the run for an excitement, enthralling and a swamping of nail-biting moments cricket match.

Source: arysports.tv

Source: arysports.tv

Last night’s match between Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators was all the more exciting. It put us through a mind-boggling test of patience. Many enchanting moments followed nerve-wrecking minutes that not only hung the consequence of the match on a cliffhanger but our spirits as well.

Let us round-up the moments that made Peshawar Zalmi versus Quetta Gladiators a special one.


If you have seen the best of Ahmed Shehzad before, you are wrong. Last night, Shehzad was at his best! Luke Wright and Ahmed Shehzad opened for Quetta as they batted. Wright was shortly dismissed and all eyes were on Shehzad.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

As expected by many people due to the recent decline in Shehzad’s form, he would also see the pavilion early. But my word, what a way to answer the critics by Ahmed Shehzad! Sixers began raining, runs rapidly accumulated and Peshawar Zalmi were trembling with pressure. He made sure he made every chance to hit a boundary count. Quick, witty shots that Zalmi failed to overcome all through in their bowling to Shehzad were absolutely a treat for any sports fan.

Ahmed Shehzad was named Man of the Match after Quetta Gladiators notched the victory over Zalmi.

Kevin Pietersen’s punishment to Wahab Riaz

If you thought PSL would be just another retirement league like all the rest for senior and foreign players, you are absolutely wrong! The likes of Kevin Pietersen is what makes PSL super amazing. KP is a world class player and always fires up against the opposition when he’s in the mood.

Source: PSL Live Streaming | Pakistan Super League 2017

Source: PSL Live Streaming | Pakistan Super League 2017

Last night, Pietersen was in the mood and he put forward a formidable thrashing of Zalmi.

Talk about the infamous incident with Wahab Riaz where Wahab threw the ball in a direct hit to the wicket and Pietersen came in the way. Pietersen was not happy about it and Wahab did not humble down either.

In retaliation, Pietersen swung his bat with all the power he could curb and shot the ball way beyond the boundary. His six was the biggest of the tournament – 101 meters.

Tymal Mills ke bhund

Although, Quetta gave a concrete score to Zalmi of 201 runs to chase. Zalmi fought through and a few mistakes by Quetta-bowlers paved the way for him.

Tymal Mills, last night, this man just could not bowl in line. He timely gave wide balls, adding extra runs to the Zalmi total. All the normal balls he bowled, he was beaten up with boundaries. Quetta’s hopes were slithering away down the slope every time Tymal Mills was punished by boundaries.

Hafeez’s match winning performance

Kal raat, Professor Hafeez Harvard ke professor banay huay thay!

Indeed, Mohammad Hafeez was world class last night. Where Pietersen and Shehzad gave match winning performances for Gladiators, Hafeez finished a race apart and sent the ball in court for Zalmi.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

No idea what went up with Hafeez that he punished Quetta with boundaries after boundaries, making it all look like a piece of cake. Hafeez managed to score 77 runs off 38 balls. His partnership with David Malan was a nightmare for Quetta as Gladiators kept toiling to dismiss either of them. Hell broke loose when both stuck on the pitch and were in no mood to play it safe.

Shahid Afridi’s – glimpses of the glory days

In the most surprising turn of events, Shahid Afridi has been the most reliable in stealing victory during the dying moments of the match. Afridi, cool and comfortable, scored huge sixes to keep the game alive after a rapid dismissal of Zalmi batsmen.

Afridi’s persistence has come through in the last 3 games he’s played. He clearly scored boundaries when they were summoned. Be it a Zalmi fan or not, everyone was elated by the great innings of Shahid Afridi; it was like the glory days were back.

Mohammad Nawaz nerve-wrecking last over that changed everything

Yes, Hafeez scored boundaries, so did Afridi and Zalmi were getting closer to victory by every ball. The margin of runs and balls required for Peshawar to win it drastically reduced and in all sorts of anticipation, they looked like they were going to win it.

But then Nawaz came!

Source: Tensports

Source: Tensports

Last over of the match: Zalmi needed 7 runs off 6 balls. They had wickets in hand and nevertheless Afridi getting dismissed, Darren Sammy still remained on the pitch.

It didn’t look like they would bottle it. It didn’t look like they would give it away easily either. But Zalmi remotely bottled it, courtesy of Mohammad Nawaz.

Nawaz managed to dismiss 3 batsmen in his last over which was the major twist of the game. Pressure surged and the batsmen to come were nervous. He intimidated them, bullied them with his formidable deliveries and eventually made them miss most of the deliveries in his over. It came down 2 runs off 3 balls. He took a wicket! Then 1 runs off 2 balls, he took another. It came down to just 1 run required from the last delivery that Nawaz bowled superbly and managed to dismiss the batsmen.

Quetta were victories and we breathe a sigh of relief because no matter who were you supporting, your nerves were on the loose.

Great battle by Zalmi though and all the great luck to them for facing the winner of tonight’s game between Karachi Kings and Islamabad United!

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