6 Most Controversial Nobel Prize Winners

Lots of people have complained that the Noble Prize is being handed out like candy on Halloween. Just last year president Obama won the Noble Peace prize and stated himself that he was “undeserving” of such an honor… Mentioned below are some individuals who won the Nobel Prize, but were they worthy of it? Decide for yourself!

1. Yasser Arafat

After years of killing and terror Arfat won the Noble prize for agreeing to sign a contract and stop his killing spree  for a while.


2. Myron Scholes, Fischer Black and Robert Merton

Won the prize for economics, however the formula that they had invented failed in 1998 and their firm lost $5 Million


3.  Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow

won the prize for physics by accident, when they found traces of the radiation left over from the big bang using a phone antenna they had made for AT&T.


 4. Al Gore

Won an Oscar and a Noble Prize for a video he had made on his laptop about global warming. All he did was say a few big words and add fancy pictures.


   5. Dr. Antonio Moniz

Won for creating an operation called the lobotomy, literally cutting out a part of the human brain to make them into a vegetable.


6. Malala Yousafzai

Many Pakistanis think that she literally got a Nobel Prize for getting shot and fitting into the American pity party and instead of her, Abdul Sattar Edhi should have been awarded the prize.


So are these prizes credible enough? Think again!

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