Is Packaged Food Safe? Think Again!

Something very unappetizing we came across recently. A post shared by a consumer on Facebook, showing nauseating images of Pakola flavored milk with ingredients gone bad inside its Tetra Pack of Pakola milk Ice Cream flavor.

Just bought a pack of Pakola flavored milk from Liaquat National Hospital which is to be expired on 18 October 2015 and…

Posted by Fariha Shahzad on Sunday, August 2, 2015

According to the facebook post, they bought the milk pack from Liaquat National Hospital. While there were still 2 months left in expiry, the Pakola milk showed discolored content that did not look like milk at all.  A comment by Pakola’s official representative said, Tetra Products are carton packaging product it has multi-layer barriers to protect sterilize product contain within it but it still require care during its handling, transportation and retailing so that it could not get harm, if this barrier between surrounding environment and the product got damaged than the result would be the same which you have posted here. Hope that things would be clear….”


pakola Milk

Pakola happens to be Pakistan’s personal favorite because of its flavors and the fact that its a very established and old brand. Pakola isn’t the first brand to come under the social media fire; before Pakola, Nestle, KFC and Maggi Noodles and many other food brands have been criticized for similar cases, not only in Pakistan but worldwide too.

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