UN World Happiness Index Suggests Pakistanis Are Happier Than Indians!

Pakistanis rejoice! 

The United Nations World Happiness Index recently ranked Pakistan 92nd, much higher on the list than India at 118 and Bangladesh at 110.

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The report was released in advance of UN World Happiness Day on March 20. For the first time it gave a special role to the measurement and consequences of inequality in the distribution of well-being among countries and regions.

The report aims to “survey the scientific underpinnings of measuring and understanding subjective well-being”, and in its 4th edition, ranked 157 countries by happiness levels using factors such as healthy years of life expectancy and GDP – gross domestic product per capita.

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It also rated “having someone to count on in times of trouble” and freedom from corruption in government and business.

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The report reflects upon a “new worldwide demand for more attention to happiness as a criteria for government policy”, saying it is a better indicate of human welfare.

 source: pakistanigifworld

As if people really needed to research on it!


We Pakistanis know all you need to be happy is a good cup of chai and some garam samosay and to be bloody awesome!



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