Umar Akmal Posted a Candid Picture Observing Defence Day and It Backfired Badly

Umar Akmal, a star cricketer loved by many and trolled by many. About the latter, well, it all started when he started posting selfies posing with a bunch of grapes. He frequently posts updates on his Twitter account and gets to be the butt of all jokes.

It’s Defence day all over Pakistan. What could possibly he do to get himself roasted on social media? Well, he was simply posting an update about what he thinks about this day. And no, no, he didn’t say anything to spark a controversy at all. He was just sharing a normal view, a plain perspective, totally harmless. But boy, it just didn’t turn out okay for Umar…

It was a normal day when Umar Akmal decided to remember this day…

After grapes, goats and what not… presenting an Audi A4.

And then this happened…





A day doesn’t pass peacefully without Umar Akmal getting trolled. Poor boy only meant in good faith! It seems pretty candid but now we know that Umar Akmal has an Audi A4 and why would it bother people, I mean, whyyyyy?

Not the first time people went on the loose with their harsh criticism of Umar Akmal. Yes, he has an issue of his attitude. Yes, he has a grave void of discipline in his career. Yes, he hasn’t lived up to his reputation and hype but can we spare him in situations like this?

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