Umar Akmal's Dab Celebration In Last Night's Match Is Making Crazy!

Umar Akmal’s Dab Celebration In Last Night’s Match Is Making Pakistanis Go Crazy!

In last night’s T2o game against West Indies, Carlos Brathwaite the West Indian captain came up with an unusual style of celebration in the cricket world after taking a wicket, the dab. He dabbed after taking Babar Azam’s wicket. But this wasn’t the end, Umar Akmal joined the banter and he did it not once not twice but thrice! His dabs broke the Pakistani internet better than Kim Kardashian.

Here are some honest Pakistani reactions.

1. Some thought it was embarrassing.

Yes we all remember that Hyderabad incident, don’t we?

2. But some appreciated his confidence.

It takes a lot of confidence to have a haircut like Ronaldo when you pure Gujranwala blood running in you then posing with grapes and posting selfies. Not only that, but hugging your goats and holding balloons and making that public. THIS CONFIDENCE IS COMMENDABLE.

3. Lekin yeh bohat ghatiya harkat ki hai Umar Akmal ne.

This is never going to be not funny.

4. Lethal dabs bro.

Those dabs were deadlier than any weapon, man.


Honestly though, have you ever seen a kukkar eating its feed?

Just in case you havent seen it.

6. This was more of a Punjabi dance step than a dab.

7. Lets appreciate the legend again.


These Akmal brothers are awesome.

8. He just paid a tribute to Dharmendra.

Umar Akmal manages to surprise us every now and then someway or the other. Let it be eating hailstones, sensual grape eating selfies, the green lipstick, the jummah mubarak selfies or even his amazing rare batting. The guy is full of life. But in the end, official apologies to Pogba for ruining the dab. But that’s how we do it.

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