Meet Umair Khan – An Upcoming Artist Who Is Finally Giving Pakistan Its Own Cultured Superheroes!

Pakistani Superheroes

The skillset that Pakistani young talent endures is completely different and unique as compared to the rest of the world. Showcasing pure artistic dexterity and making sheer efforts to create a name in their respective field, is what displays pure devotion. In this era, the world, time to time, witness some extraordinarily talented individuals emerging from the least expected forum stunning everyone with their exceptional work.

Pakistani artist aspires to introduce Pakistani superheroes to the world!

With the changing trends and evolving earth, Pakistani underdog artists are now stunning the world with their amazing skills and handwork. As the rapping culture has taken over the country, earlier this year, Eva Baloch became the first-ever female rap artist from Lyari and Pakistanis were in all support. Among other talented people coming up, Umair Najeeb Khan from Islamabad aspires to introduce desi cultured superheroes with the diversity the country inherits within.

Till now the Islamabad based the illustrator has blessed the Pakistani awaam with his three initial characters and honestly, we are blown!

According to Umair Najeeb Khan, the series is yet to be completed and is constantly working on it to make it to the final stages. Till now, three characters, a male and two female superheroes have been introduced by the artist. Called Sofiyan, Bazira, and Marvi respectively, all three heroic characters inherit different superpowers and are ready to breakdown the white superhero stereotype.

The supergirl Bazira is said to be the clever one in the heroic clan!

Bazira, the 16 year old tech-loving Pakhtun supergirl from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was the first one to take on social media screens. As per Umair, she posses the ability to foresee upcoming challenges and holds the clever flag in the clan. This superhero likes to be called ‘Buzz’ and that is what the world is going to call her after her final release.

Here’s the vigilante Marvi who belongs to Sindh!

Taking the negligence of law enforcing agencies in the notice, Umair has created this superwoman named Marvi. Having combat expertise and a teacher by profession, this lady is sure gonna clean up the mess spread widely. Belonging to a Sindhi household from Sukkur, this vigilante will definitely be taking down the bad guys.

Sofiyan, the only superhero in the clan till now!

Belonging to Bahawalpur, this Seraiki superhero is described as a low key Nawab and has returned to save his town from evil. According to the illustrator, this Sofiyan will possess the power to control sand and has returned after traveling two whole centuries to protect his city from criminal minds. The immense artwork and character presentation are already being massively appreciated on the internet.

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Pakistan has never been short of talented and skilled individuals but it’s the political influence that holds the art to cross the oceans. Well, as time is evolving and the technological advancements in the digital era, people are coming out and showing the world what the country actually holds. The amazingly built super characters are now being majorly awaited by the masses and are hopeful that it will create a positive impact on international forums as well.

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