Umair Jaswal Reveals How He Felt about Paying Tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in Coke Studio 10

The 10th Season pays a special tribute to 7 music icons of Pakistan; our attention was glued to the question: how Coke Studio would tribute Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan? Well…

The highly anticipated tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan by Coke Studio is finally here

THE WAIT IS OVER! Umair Jaswal returns to Coke Studio on a high note with a stupendous rendition of “Dam Mast Qalandar” featuring Jabar Abbas. So without further ado, give it a listen because this is getting you off your chair:

About Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, flip the time capsule, you will not find a bigger name than him in music. This rendition celebrates the monumental role of the icon who holds a larger than life profile in music and hailed for a benchmark, the world follows today.

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His contemporary style, textured vocals, and official records are a class apart. Coke Studio has a long history of NFAK-renditions but this one holds a special regard.

So, what makes this rendition so special? Here are all reasons to count on…

You can notice right off the bat that different vocals branch in to maintain the groove of this song. The flawless tonalities created by Jabar Abbas’ vocals blend in the soulful voice of Umair Jaswal; on parallel, the backing vocals catch-up to make it an absolute treat to your ears!

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Besides, the notable work of percussions fills a unique energy here. It takes a firm grip on an anthemic chorus, fuses by a mega percussive section and the energetic drive of backing vocals. We believe this is what Coke Studio does best!

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The world asks how Umair Jaswal managed to pull off such a difficult job and don’t we absolutely adore him teaming up with Jabar Abbas in Coke Studio?

Umair Jaswal reveals how it felt like taking on “Dam Mast Qalandar”

It was a fantastic experience working on this song. It’s one of the biggest Qawwalis by NFAK and I was honestly very scared; this was a very risky thing to do… to touch something that’s close to the hearts of many people around the world. I have been a daredevil all my life and I like taking risks and experimenting with music. Hatts of to Shuja Haider and the whole team of Coke Studio and Strings, especially the sound engineer Ishaak. The groove is still intact. It’s still nostalgic to the original version. I’m overhwlmed by the response. We were nervous because it if had gone wrong, everybody would have hated us. I’m glad. God has been very kind.

And the man in his own words about Jabar Abbas…

He (Jabar Abbass) is a phenomenal vocalist. He’s one of the voices in Pakistan that haven’t been fully utilized. He’s a fairly new talent in this country, a very good classical musician with a very strong voice and tone. All the beautiful parts we had to cover; I think Jabar Abbas has delivered beautifully. The song would not have been the same without him. It’s a pleasure sharing the stage and I am looking forward to performing this song live now.

Thank you to Coke Studio, Coca-Cola and the whole team behind this platform for giving me the opportunity to do such a huge song this year. I’m very happy and hope we continue to do great things together in future. Thank you so much to the fans, their support means the world to me.

Very inspiring words! But “Dam Mast Qalandar” cannot only be our full-dose until episode 7 of Coke Studio Season 10 airs; so, how are the rest of the songs coming along?

Natasha Khan returns and how can you go without listening to the magic of Ali Zafar?

Natasha and Ali – sounds interesting… Just how amazing is it, there’s one way to find out:

Next, we have Rachel Viccaji who’s mostly seen as a backing vocalist but now it’s time to witness her magic as she takes center-stage

Rachel teams up with Humera Arshad and Aima Baig in “Kaatay Na Katay”. Witness the genius of Strings in brings up the energetic and uplifting vocals of Aima and Rachel on parallel with the tender vocals of Humera:

Meanwhile, here’s the best of Momina Mustehsan alongside Irteashh

So, 7 female voices present “Ghoom Taana” and we also see Salman Ahmad entwine his signature guitar riffs with the melodic vocals of Momina, Irteassh and the playback singers.

What. An. Episode. Man. Seriously.

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