Umair Jaswal Had An Extremely Unpleasant Experience At KFC And He Wants Everyone To Know

Pakistanis are absolute suckers for fast food, it’s a fact, that the majority of middle or upper middle class eats one meal of fast food from a renowned franchise at least. With a host of different international fast food joints to choose from, people always end up at the famous 2-3 places. Famous celebrity, actor and singer, Umair Jaswal, however, did not have a pleasant experience at one of the places.

Umair Jaswal had a very unpleasant experience at one of the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) branches on the Motorway. Apparently, there was a dead fly in Umair Jaswal’s Zinger Burger and he was not going to take the issue lightly, and for that, he had his reasons.



“I usually care for the poor working class of our country and don’t complain or report such incidents on social media. But this is shameful and disgusting and the manager’s casual attitude regarding the incident, like this happens everyday leaves me no choice but to post this .. #KFC SIAL SOUTH MOTORWAY should be shut down for its unhygienic conditions. This is what you’re feeding our people. 

This is what you’re feeding our people. His exact words “O koi nai fly aa Gaye hai.. in ko free burger day dou aik” did not hear a single sorry from him. Wasn’t even remotely ashamed. KFC KFC Pakistan please act like an international franchise. #notfingerlickingood #KentuckyFLYChicken


Umair Jaswal is right on his end. After paying almost three and a half thousand rupees for good food, it would be absolutely disgusting to discover a dead fly somewhere in there. Jaswal further added that the SIAL South Motorway branch had been doing this very often and after the incident, they did not even apologize to him once, but acted very casually, asking him to take a free burger in return.

The encounter further disgusted Umair Jaswal’s fans and they did not have very nice things to write about KFC as well. As Umair said, with care to the poor working class of Pakistan, the managers need to take charge for their branches as they are representing international franchises who have a certain level to uphold, however, in Pakistan, the standards cannot be met completely.

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