9 Things Every Pakistani Mother Says to Her Daughter!

The ultimate dream of a typical Pakistani mother is to get her daughter married. Since the time she gets to know that she going to have a baby girl, she starts praying for her ‘Naseeb’, obedient husband and good ‘Susraalis’. A Pakistani girl is reminded time and again that the most important thing for her is to get married in a good family. The ulterior motive of Pakistani mothers is to ‘keep their girls on track’. This article shares the thought process of a Pakistani mother through out different phases of her daughter’s life. Enjoy!

1. At the time of Birth

As a baby girl is born, we expect family, especially mothers, to praise her beauty and argue about her resemblance to maternal or paternal side of the family. But,…

Relatives with baby boys be like…

Image 3

Mothers and Grandmothers be Like…

mothers be like

2. The only reason why they want you to become a doctor is to top the ‘Most wanted Bahu’ list of Aunties.

Image 2

3. For Pakistani girls, the concept of ‘Afterlife’ is the life after Shaadi.

A mother spends a lifetime in preparing her daughter for her Susraal, as if her performance will determine if her Susraal is going to be a heaven or hell for her…


Susral 3

susral 2


 4. When you wake up late on the weekends…


 5. They have reserved everything for your Jahaiz (Dowry)


 6. Regardless of it being a birthday, wedding or a funeral, they won’t mind holding a sign board saying…


  7. If you’re a girl born in typical Pakistani family, you will just have two options in your life…




 8. When Nothing Works, Your Mother Turns Into Zubaida Aapa!



 9. When in 30s and still unmarried…

A Pakistani mother becomes a devotee and starts praying harder…


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