‘Safaai Nisf Imaan Hai’ – Taunts UK High Commissioner As He Picks Bags Of Litter From Margalla Hills

safaai nisf imaan hai UK High Commissioner

Indeed, the popular adage, “Chullu bhar pani main doob maro” befits the Pakistani awaam that despite being called out for its littering habit remains unaffected. Pakistanis had a proud moment when the UK High Commissioner, Christian Turner shared yet another click of the garbage dumped on Margalla Hills saying ‘Safaai nisf imaan hai’. A foreigner may feel some second-hand embarrassment but it is highly unlikely for the citizens to be even a tad bit mortified.

Here goes another slap on the face of the thick-skinned awaam that feels no shame in littering its own country. As Turner was on a walk at Margalla Hills in the morning like before, he came across a crapload of litter. Unlike many of us who would just walk by the lying pile of litter, Turner had the courtesy to clean it up.

safaai nisf imaan hai
Image: Twitter

Once again two bags of garbage were collected by Turner who did the same just a week ago. A place that is supposed to be clean and green can never remain so in our country given how litter-friendly the people are. Taking to Twitter, the UK High Commissioner again gave us a glimpse of the pile of trash lying on Margalla Hills.

“Another Friday morning walk, another two bags of litter. Safaai nisf imaan hai [Cleanliness is half of the faith],” UK High Commissioner wrote while collecting the litter from Margalla Hills.

It may be recalled that the last time he shared a similar instance, ashamed Pakistanis were quick to point how Islam emphasizes cleanliness. Well, jokes on them since no difference was seen despite being called out.

Twittersphere schools the current Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad

While Turner cc’d the tweet to Muhammed Hamza Shafqaat as a reminder to step up and do the job, he rather mistook it as a need for validation. “Great,” wrote the short-sighted deputy commissioner.


People were quick to school Shafqaat and remind him of his duties.

‘This is an insult!’ one user spelled out

Says a lot about the IQ of a CSS passed commissioner

It is indeed a matter of shame!

Margalla Hills are admired for not just the magnificent view but also the leisure walks. It is an ideal place for picnics, enjoying the breeze, and witnessing a breathtaking view. It is saddening to see pedestrians, as well as families, leave their food garbage right there.

Regardless, our people shamelessly shrug off their social responsibility while expecting the government to wave a magic wand.

Sanitary rules that you stringently implement at home should not be shrugged off when you are out in a public place. As a Pakistani, it is your job to ensure that your country is tidy and unpolluted!

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