UET Lahore Withdraws Its Ban On Mixed Gender Gathering In Canteen After A Social Media Outrage!

Several integral institutions of Pakistan are currently under the grip of controversies and corruption. It is safe to say, that the educational sector wasn’t spared either; playing with the future of millions of students.

The educational standard to date stays neglected and the quality of professors has plunged, leaving students distraught and often suicidal. Several top tier universities made it to the headlines but sadly for reasons that were not closely linked to achievements or breakthroughs of any kind; considering a large amount of talent existing in our country.

Who are to blame? The system? Management of these universities? What could be the root cause? These are the questions that need probing into by the concerned authorities.

This time, UET (University of Engineering and Technology) Lahore took center stage on social media as its management released a statement regarding gender segregation in their cafeteria, sparking outrage.

Via UET Tribune

A ban was imposed on girls and boys sitting together in cafeterias and according to this official notice, a ‘suitable partition’ was to be made to segregate them. Until then, the canteen was to remain closed.

In a world where countries are making historic scientific breakthroughs, Pakistan is busy focusing on things that are not even a problem in the first place. The country is in shambles; the infrastructure of not just the cities per se, but that of every possible organization from law and order agencies to educational institutions; everything is in dire need of improvement.

This ban infuriated everyone and social media quickly got into action.

It is being claimed that the notice was withdrawn only after everyone showed their disapproval on social media. A great question was raised asking why the universities do not aim towards preparing their students for the real practical world and try to socially handicap them instead?

Another points out the involvement of male egos behind such a ridiculous measure.

Ignorance and negligence; both have become the norm.

Not all were in against the ban and supported it. Considering a vast majority of this country is conservative, it was expected to have a few supporters that agree with the idea of segregation to the point that one even suggested that there should be separate campuses even.

The notice has been withdrawn by the management.

A new letter has been issued by UET Lahore that says the notice was issued without the approval or knowledge of the Vice-Chancellor and hence, is invalid.

Via TwitterThis was definitely a good call by the management of one of the best universities of Pakistan. However, it definitely was shocking to see the matters they chose to take action against instead of focusing on the various serious issues related to the standard of education they are providing, the mental health of the students and countless more plaguing the universities of Pakistan.

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