U.S. war planes Malaysian and Thailand revealed during demolition

A British author has claimed that Malaysian and Thailand U.S. aircraft dropped during the war.

British author nasal kythrun his book “Flight MH 370” claims that U.S. and Thai military exercises in South China during the Malaysian plane was shot down, this time the aircraft during maneuvers in a short time target Contact was made when it was disconnected from ayyrtryfk control.

Nasal kythrun after the plane hit the wreckage found in the Indian Ocean, was intentionally so that the place could not find the original location of the aircraft wreckage was run.

The plane was carrying 239 people aboard were killed, all the families of those killed, but still do not understand what happened to their loved ones.


The Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370, while Beijing kualmpur March 8, in which 239 people were on board was missing.

Aircraft, including the Indian Ocean world developed countries of the world including the United States, experts searched but did not find anything.

First Published in Express,May 19th ,2014.

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