These Are 5 Types Phadaybaaz Who Are Always Ready To Get Into Phaday!

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There are people who fight for genuine reasons and concerns. On the other hand, there are people who fight for absolutely no reason whatsoever. They are the typical phaddaybaaz. Its like, it is their hobby to fight over just anything and everything.

On the verge of losing their cool any second, these are the type of people we are normally scared of.

1. The Maard Ka Bacha Hai Tou Larr K Dekha” Type


Source: Giphy

People who fight just in words and every time they get into fights, they end it up using statements more than fists and kicks.

2. The “Banday Le K Pohanch” Type



These are the people who have friends and links everywhere and whenever they get into fights, they end up calling using their links.“Han Bhai kidhar hai? Jaldi aa teray bhai ki larayi hogayi hai” – tbh, their fights never happen. They just wait for their guys to come and create a heavy scene.

3. The Getting Into Every Fight For No Reason Type


Source: FHM Pakistan

The person who is famous all over in your university, college or school who doesn’t know how to fight but still gets in one and after getting thrashed he ends up saying “Boss mainay apko bolo kya hai?”

4. The Naak Pe Gussay Wale Type


Source: Giphy

People who get into the fight for small things just because they lost their cool. These people are really difficult to control. Trust me, never play any type of game with such people. They might even end up holding grudges against you. FOREVER.

5. The “Gaali Kisko Dee Hai? Abhy Tujhe Theek Karta Hu” Type


Source: The Rambling Curl

Everyone knows these type of people. Getting into the fight over small abuses and ending up getting thrashed none other by the abuser himself. These people start to fight like “Han bhai? Gali Kyun Di Hai? Nahi Waja Bata”


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