People We All Wish Would Stop Dancing At Pakistani Weddings

10 Types Of People We All Wish Would Stop Dancing At Pakistani Weddings

You have been to weddings in Pakistan and you realize how much our people love to dance. They rehearse before a grand wedding and count days until they finally hit the floor and enchant everyone watching them. Many of you know how to dance properly and many of you just like to go with the flow. At the same time, there are many people who have no idea what they’re doing and simply hit the dance floor without bothering…

It has become a major part of our culture. Go to any wedding today, you will see mainly young people dancing. For some people, it’s only a matter of chance as they are on the look to go crazy without a care in the world. Most people take it as if they’re to enjoy by themselves and not for the best performance.

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You can relate to it if you ever got excited about your close friend, sibling or cousin’s wedding. I must say the excitement weighs down on you. You must have seen the typical types of people dancing at weddings. Time to recall all those that gave you a cringeworthy feeling as they hit the floor.

So, let’s remember all those people you wish you could prevent from dancing at weddings!

1. The stiff one

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No intent of body shaming. Just that, this person should not be advised to dance at a wedding. They literally look like a goofball trying to moving around…

2. A group of timid boys who hardly have any idea what they’re doing

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You are filled with an uncomfortable, cringeworthy sensation in your gut as you see these poor young boys bottling it all the way through. Even the crowd goes silent as it happens…

3. Your crush… because it’s making you wild

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THEATRE OF DREAMS, but you are getting a little uncomfortable. Too much to handle!

4. Solo girl who can’t decide whether to dance or hold her dress

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You just wait for her to get done with it, pass a faint smile to her when you both probably know it sucked.

5. Weird group of guys who dance like they’ve chugged on Redbull



6. YOLO old couple

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7. Your stupid cousin who only needs a reason to dance

Next time, put them on a leash.

8. The behooda ones where everyone goes like, “hawwww”

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9. Chichoray uncle

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Uncle would never get old.

10. The annoying person who drags everyone who hesitates dancing

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Seriously, stop.

I am sure you can add to the list here. You must have come across many kinds of people apart from the mentioned above. Question is, what kind of person are you?

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