8 Types Of People You See In A Group Chat Who Will NEVER Stop Annoying You!

Smartphones have taken over our lives and one of the widely used features of smartphones are messaging apps. We wake up with our phones in our hands and as soon as we regain our senses,we unlock it to see if we have any new messages.

Messaging apps have definitely become a huge convenience to this human race. Ammis no longer have to wait for a letter from their beloved kids for months instead they find themselves at peace by receiving a message or sometimes even an emoticon (badtameez kids!) to know their kid is safely abroad.

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However, like everything else, we have found a way to annoy the living hell out of people through messenger apps too. Here are  types of people all of us have on our messenger lists:

1. The ‘Bat Bat Pe’ Photo Share Kernay Wala


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This person just can’t stop sending photos on the group chat… may it be their selfies, what they ate, what they saw, or whatever they came across. Thank God, they don’t send live pictures from the toilet!

2. The Gossip Queen (Phappay Kutni)

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Source: Giphy

Please don’t be mistaken by the word queens as it involves men as much as women. These people stalk everyone till they know the name of the other person’s great grandfather and as soon as they come across something juicy, trust them to take a screen shot and send it to you your entire group of friends on that group chat you’ve made just to stay in touch.

3. Silent But Deadly (AKA Shabbir)

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This is that person in the group who never says anything. No matter what is being discussed, it will seem like they don’t care at all. But, in actuality, they are reading everything that you write and are usually the first to see it. They scroll and they judge, which makes them silent but deadly.

4. The Plan Maker (Also, The Last Minute Ditcher)


This person loves to make plans. Whether it’s a surprise birthday, a random reunion or just a dinner. Regardless, it’s 1 in the afternoon or 1 in the morning, they always seem ready for whatever outrageous plan you have for them and if you have none, they will come up with a plan for all of you themselves! These plans never actually falling through is another story all together but why miss the opportunity to create a million groups with the same people, yes?

5. The Meme Lord


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There will be snow in hell, but there won’t be a day you don’t receive a completely useless, irrelevant and lame meme from these guys. There are only so much of them you can actually delete so basically your gallery is full of them and you are reminded of them even when you don’t want to. And please, don’t forget the video clips of a cat eating a banana or the voice clip of a bird crying.

6. The Sleep Talkers


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Not literally of course (My condolences if the person you share the bed with sleep talks though). These people don’t sleep. They find some sort of pleasure in making everyone’s cell phones ring/vibrate at 3 in the morning. Funny how alarms usually don’t wake me up for fajar but this constant buzzing does. And if somehow you manage to sleep through this, waking up in the morning to 1100 unread messages comprising of absolute crap isn’t much fun either.

7. The Emoji Ki Dukaan


Source: LINE Messenger


Source: LINE Messenger

These people believe in brevity and take ‘One picture is worth ten thousand words’ way too seriously. At times they forget that they can type a message on their phones!

8. One Who Is Always Online (Veyla)

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

These night owls are always available! You just can’t avoid or ignore them!

9. The One Who Is Obsessed With Forwarded Messages!


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Whether they make sense or not, it’s obligatory on this person to send ‘forwarded’ messages. This is indeed the most irritating person on the group.

Dead sure you’ve got all these people hidden in your contact list. And if you don’t, you’re probably one of them *gasp!*


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