Two Youths Drown At Sea View Beach During Eid Picnic While Authorities Fail To Act In Time

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Two youths, aged 20 and 21, drowned at the Sea View beach in Karachi on Wednesday after being swept away by a strong wave during the Eid holidays. The two boys were cousins.

Danial and Sonu, residents of Pipri, accompanied by their friends arrived at the beach for a picnic, said their family. They were bathing at the beach when a strong wave suddenly swept them away into the sea.

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Rescue teams rushed to the scene after being notified and launched an operation to recover the boys. The rescuers were successful in retrieving Sonu’s body after a six-hour operation, while the search for the other one continued.

Their family told Geo News that if they had acted sooner, the boys’ lives could have been saved. They claimed that the administration was informed of the incident, but that the rescue operation was not launched in a timely manner.

Locals reportedly said the administration had been informed about the incident but they did not launch the rescue operation on time. Their uncle, Iqbal, said that the boys’ ages are 20 and 21.

No help received

Their friends, Hamza and Naveed, reportedly stated that they tried their best to rescue their friends but failed. “Concerned department did not help us in recovering our drowning friends,” they said.

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It pains to mention how a little family picnic cast such a catastrophe for this family. Our sincerest condolences go out to this family. For the survivors, life may seem to be nothing now but our prayers go out to them in this tragic time.

When visiting recreational spots, it is crucial for every individual to get a hard grab of safety precautions and possible hazards. Due to the geographical state of such places, safety is a mandatory call for everyone.

In 2020, thirteen picnickers — 10 women and three children — from a Karachi locality were in the boat that overturned in the Keenjhar Lake. According to sources, the capsizing of the boat was because it was overloaded past the allowed capacity.

The drowning incident resulted in a ban on boating in Keenjhar Lake. Ten people in a family lost their lives in the tragic incident. The incident reminds us of the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death.

In another similar incident a few years back, a family was on a trip to Neelum Valley when a tragedy broke on them after one of their family members drowned. Unfortunately, when other members rushed to rescue, they tragically reached the same fate.

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