Two Sisters Accidentally Swap Grooms After Power Failure During A Quadruple Wedding In India

grooms swapped in india

An electrical malfunction led to a bizarre mix-up of grooms between two sisters during a quadruple wedding function when a power failure combined with veiling tradition led to the mix-up. The incident took place in Madhya Pradesh, a state in central India.

The bizarre mix-up happened after the father of the brides decided to organize the weddings of his son and three daughters all on the same day, according to the details.

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All three sisters wore the same bridal outfits and had their faces covered with a veil, in keeping with local traditions, when they arrived for the wedding rituals. But as the pre-wedding function began at around 9 pm in the evening, the town suffered a power outage and the two brides ended up sitting with the wrong groom for the initial wedding ceremonies

One bride named Nikita, who was to marry a man called Bhola, swapped grooms with her sister Karishma, who was to marry Ganesh. The grooms were not related. It turned out that the two brides performed a number of pre-wedding rituals with the wrong partner before power was restored and the family members realized the mistake.

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One bride’s hand was allegedly given to the wrong groom due to the power failure, which he described as a regular occurrence in the village. However, they did not exchange garlands or wedding vows, but the [mixup] happened for one of the rituals.

The wedding later continued as planned, with the wedding vows exchanged — with the right grooms — as soon as the power came back on after midnight.

Dramatic weddings in India

At this point, we all can agree that Indian weddings are no less than a movie plot: drama, suspense, and tragedy are a natural part of the event. Another instance of this occurred at a wedding earlier this year when a bride refused to marry her groom on the wedding day because he was bald.

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Weddings in India truly never disappoint when it comes to extravagance and plenty of drama, humor, and suspense. In another gripping turn of events, the parents of a groom and bride ran away together in an attempt to renew their lost love during a long-awaited wedding ceremony in Gujrat.

But wait till you hear this one… a wedding previously witnessed yet another peculiar turnabout when the ex-boyfriend of a bride crashed the wedding and put sindoor forcibly on her head.

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