Iqrar-Ul-Hassan’s Pakistan VS India Tweet Leaves Awaam In Fumes – Twitterati Demand Apology

iqrar ul hassan

Television presenter and journalist Iqrar-Ul-Hassan lands in hot water owing to his controversial thread of tweets. The famous crime show Sar-e-Aam host left the Pakistani Twittersphere in fumes after drawing a comparison between India and Pakistan, inviting the wrath of angry social media users.

It all started off with ‘India vs Pakistan’. Taking to Twitter, Hassan wrote, “We are not even sure that we ordered the vaccine or not, banana to door ki baat (making it is another story).”

“If you want to compete, do it on the basis of education, science, sports, infrastructure, economy, technology… and face the truth,” he added. He then shared photos of public transportation in Pakistan and in India side by side, with the former being in an inhospitable state.

But wait… this is not it. The anchor did not stop there. In addition to this, he pointed out how the Pakistani passport and rupee are of a much lower value. He compared it to other countries, especially Pakistan’s South Asian counterparts.

“Unfortunately, the Pakistani passport holds only as much value as one from Somalia or Afghanistan. The rupee is also at 1.90 compared to the Bangladeshi takka, and 2.20 compared to the Indian rupee,” he added. “May God give us the ability to turn Pakistan into the true meaning of ‘zindabad’,” he concluded.

As expected, unable to swallow the truth, the Pakistani social media users bashed the anchor. His reality check did not sit well with the public which went as far as to label him as a traitor. Within no time, the hashtag #ApologiseToTheCountry began trending on social media.

Offended Pakistanis ask Iqrar-Ul-Hassan to apologize to the country

It seems as though his ‘fact-check’ really hurt the feelings of the public. Hassan, however, found support from celebrities who helped another hashtag #WeSupportIqrar trend.

Celebrities raise their voice in support of the anchor

Ali Zafar & Imran Ashraf also vouched for Hassan’s love for his country

Clearly, accepting reality is a hard pill to swallow. Defamation is an integral part of a celebrity’s life. If someone is extraordinarily popular, he or she is bound to have haters stalking them, looking for a weak spot to hit their target.

A few years back, Hassan’s private video got leaked in which the Sar-e-Aam host could be seen walking around in a hotel room in an open bathrobe. It was said that he was allegedly in a Dubai hotel room where his girlfriend was making the video, apparently.

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