Twitter Reacts To The Hypocritical Way Irfan Siddiqui’s Arrest Is Treated By Journalists!

irfan siddiqui

The former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s closest aide Irfan Siddiqui is arrested on a 14-day judicial remand regarding property issues.



The Hypocrisy Displayed By Journalists:

He had rented out his property without informing it to the police. Hence, he violated Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Despite being the previous PM’s special assistant, Siddiqui is treated as a normal criminal as the police placed him in handcuffs and he left for court.

Irfan siddiqui

Source: The Ticker Times

The arrest actually created a lot of buzz within social media especially among journalists who had been mentioning the inhumanity of the act. Many believed that the new government couldn’t even spare a 78-year-old. However, if one commits a crime then they have to bear with the consequences. Not to mention, Irfan Siddiqui himself wasn’t thoroughly pure because he served a good chunk of his profession working side-by-side with Nawaz Sharif. A leader who is famously known for his illegal ways of garnering money.

An ARY journalist and anchor tweeted regarding the arrest. The tweet said, “I don’t know how the govt will explain this without being embarrassed, a man age 70, a teacher in handcuffs, for what… shameful and inexplicable”

The replies had mixed reactions where users were saying that the age and profession should not matter because a crime is a crime. Moreover, people are also angered with the fact that there had been no response when Dr. Shahid Masood was arrested. Many were quick to believe that Dr. Masood was guilty yet that was debunked.

Dr. Shahid Masood Did Not Receive The Same Response:

Dr. Shahid Masood’s scandal was about his involvement in signing an agreement with a fake company. Apparently, he embezzled Rs. 37 million to acquire the media rights for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). The court ruled that there was insufficient evidence regarding the claim that Masood was the managing director of PTV and the companies receiving money illegally.


Journalists were quick to judge and still didn’t voice their support even after there was proof of Dr. Masood’s innocence. So, the same journalists calling this arrest unethical seemed a bit hypocritical. Here are some of the reactions about Siddiqui’s arrest:

This user under Abbasi’s tweet summed it up well, “Rule of law is shameful for you ppl, hypocrites of the society. Where was the ‘teacher’ when this Irfan Siddique was writing all those threatening scripts for Nawaz Sharif’s “Mujhay Kyun Nikala” rally’s?”

Additionally, this tweet took it to a harsh and somewhat severe level, “He is not a philosopher or professor or thinker. He is greedy nature selfish dishonest manipulator cheater double standard helper of killer corrupt nwaz. He is involved in my anti-state institution blame game. And many cheap activities others also. He is a slave of desire”

“Didn’t see such hue and cry when Dr.Shahid Masood was paraded in handcuffs. As for Irfan Siddiqui, it almost feels like a staged photo, as if someone wanted him to “appear” that way” mentions the stressed-out user.



What do you think of the situation? Is the outrage about Siddiqui’s arrest justified or is he rightfully arrested for the crime? Were the journalists unfair on the case regarding Dr. Shahid Masood? Share your thoughts.

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