Twitteraties Enjoying Meme Games After Rumors About Indian Jets Near Karachi

Twitteraties Enjoying Meme Games After Rumors About Indian Jets Near Karachi

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Twitter in Pakistan was abuzz on Tuesday night after several users claimed that fighter jets of the Indian Air Force (IAF) were seen flying near Karachi. Some of them even claimed to have seen the planes. Where and what exactly happened, no one knew!

Turns out, only the Twitter world saw them. The IAF sources have also denied any such activity by its aircraft over Pakistan, according to ANI

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Some of the Twitter users expressed concerns over the reported activities along the Pak-India border. A few of them were so sure that India had attacked Pakistan, that it soon became a top trend on Twitter.

Thankfully, it was all a rumor-mill but then started the classic Pakistan-India meme game. Of course, Pakistanis are winning till now.

A few of them even recollected the capture of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. He was shot down in a dog-fight as the two countries clashed over the contested Kashmir region in February 2019. Abhinandan became the face of the crisis after Islamabad released a video of him drinking tea with Pakistani officers while in captivity.

However, he politely refused to answer questions in the video, but proclaimed the tea offered to him “fantastic”.

Netizens remained full of zeal and enthusiasm that they kept on encouraging the PAF fighters. PAF has a history of serving the nation whenever the enemy attacked us. Remember MM Alam!

Here is an old video of PAF pilot Noman Ali Khan, who downed the Indian Air Force jet piloted by Abhinandan.

Noman Ali Khan is Pakistan’s pride. The PAF duo shared how the Indian army tried at the night like a coward and how the PAF pilots fulfilled their mission by hitting their targets. We will leave with the longer version of the interview. Watch and enjoy Pakistan!

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