Twitter Laid Smackdown On The Government Over “The PushUp Issue”

Misbah ul Haq was seen performing pushups after his century against the English cricket team earlier this year and the Pakistani cricket enthusiasts went berserk! The action was applauded and appreciated from all corners of the country and the entire team took the lead.

We saw multiple members of the team, and eventually the entire crew, just performing pushups to celebrate their win and dedicate it to the Pakistani armed forces.

Pushup by Pakistani Cricket Team -

The Government was offended (No shit!?)

Not only were the losing side calling it distasteful, the Pakistani government was also offended. So much so, that they thought it was appropriate to ban this from ever happening! (what!?)

It is as if the entire country is at peace and there is nothing going wrong within our borders. As if they have forgotten about the recent Quetta attack and the security lapses that caused it!

They reached a conclusion that the team should have prayed 2 nafils rather than perform pushups

Just when we thought they couldn’t have been ridiculous enough to discuss such a petty issue in the parliament, we were hit with another brick of reality.

The government thinks that the cricket team should have prayed after the win and not performed the pushups because it’s an issue of national threat?

Twitter did not delay the bashing

This explains so much

I don’t think anything else could’ve been more accurate to describe this situation!

This genius has a fool-proof plan

PTI should take advice from Tweeps.

The hypocrisy is nauseating

Aap karain tou theek hai?

The future looks bleak, gym boyzes!

Our favorite aunty had this to say

Brace yourself. The Pushups are coming!

Perform ten pushups on camera and record it. Let’s flood the internet with “threats to democracy”!

What do you think of this ridiculous ban on pushups? Let us know!

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