Pakistanis Hit Back Council of Islamic Ideology’s Bill With Hilarious Tweets!

Steeped in ‘Old-Man Privilege’ and a blatant disregard for human rights, the Council of Islamic Ideology believed it  just may be time for introducing a draft for a bill to protect women.


They proposed a ‘model’ women’s protection bill, after having claimed Punjab’s Protection of Women Against Violence Bill to be ‘un-Islamic’.

The problem?

Their ‘model’ bill seems to be doing the complete opposite.

While the CII has never been one to veer from tradition, even this seems to be excessive.

The 163-point bill also includes key points on; the prohibition of interaction between na-mehrams and female nurses treating male patients alongside women’s rights over their own bodies.

Naturally, Twitter loved the bill.

Some even came up with their own inspiring drafts!

Due credit to the ingenious Hadiqa Khan!

tumblr_nbwe0u8nij1tralmvo6_250source: giphy

Some haters used old CII’s way of following Islam, and tried misinterpreting the bill to suit their means…


But, we jest. The sheer idiocy of the draft is incomparable.

And for most, fighting with humor is difficult – especially when so much is on the line.

To be deliberated on Thursday and Friday, the copies of the bill have been sent as the Council of Islamic Ideology’s recommendations to  the provincial assemblies.

As our civil duty, it is important to speak for our own rights, and educate ourselves and others on what is just, and all should continue to do so, till it is clear this draft is well and gone.

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