Twitter HiJack By Indian Spineless Government-What Will Twitter Do Now?

twitter hijack Indian government

Since the tech or say digital development began, people got more liberty to speak and raise voice against Injustice. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. have billions of users and every second a new user comes in. But now the Indian government has hijacked Twitter and forcing it to work like the government wants it.

Twitter is the finest forum, where worldwide celebrities, politicians and many other famous faces debate and, express their thoughts.

There’s one country, who isn’t in favor of letting Pakistani users tweet against them. They think, they can also control digital users as well, just like they are handling real humans brutally.

Spineless Indian Threatens Twitter & Their Employees

That vicious country is none other than India. India has now started to showcase its spineless power on social media too, there’s no doubt the day Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, and they have become more arrogant, shameless, and violent.

Since the BJP government came, India’s downfall begun and no one is liking it at all. Their brutal violence against innocent Kashmiris and on their own people too.

Twitter had unblocked all the accounts, which had tweeted regarding the Indian government and India didn’t like that at all and now has hijacked Twitter.

Modi government cannot hear or read anything against themselves and they asked twitter to block those accounts again ASAP.

The Modi’s government started to exhibit their true circus, when they threatened twitter and pressurized them to block them or ready for the consequences.

Advising them to block such accounts that spread any negativity regarding India or Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  In the response, the other users and the internet went viral.

Pakistanis are getting united on such issue over social media platforms and even others are not in faovr of Modi’s government blackmail to twitter.

BJP always reacts against any trends, when it’s against them and starts blackmailing and threatens the organization.

But if things go against the BJP government, then it’s platform manipulation.

One of the interesting things that come up now, is that How the Indian Government can handle Twitter policies?

Who are they? And Why Pakistani users should be ban from Twitter if they are tweeting against that nonsense government and worst leader?

This whole scenario led the internet to introduce a new trend #IndiaHijackedTwitter and proud to say, it’s trending in Pakistan.

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