Twitter Stirs ‘Conspiracy’ Regarding The Ukrainian Plane Crash!

Ukrainian Plane Crash

Gradually turning into a war zone, the ongoing natural and political disasters are putting the world into a compromising position. While Iran and America are targeting each other violently, the masses are building different opinions on the matter. Currently, social media is filled with controversies regarding the US-Iran conflict and the unfortunate Ukrainian plane that went down earlier this morning.

Twitter stirs ‘conspiracy’ on the recent Ukrainian plane crash!

As of now, the heated feud which is also affecting other world countries doesn’t seem to calm down anytime soon. Connecting Iran’s today’s attack on two US military bases in Iraq with the latter happened plane incident, netizens seem concerned. Later, after the Ukrainian plane crash made it to the news, Twitter seems to be stuck in a ‘conspiracy’ on the deadly incident.

Media reports on the unfortunate plane crash!

Certainly, the news came in as a shock for the world as there are no reports of any passenger left alive in the crash. According to media reports, a commercial flight with 176 passengers on board took off from Iran’s Tehran city earlier this morning. However, soon after taking off from Imam Khomeini airport, the Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) flight nosedived into the ground.

Social media fills with concerning posts on the incident!

Unfortunately, all 176 passengers on of that plane were later pronounced dead as medical assistance reached the scene. Well, the news has been circulating on social media since morning and netizens are completely in a confused state. Assumptions being made, the masses seem divided as several aspects of the story are coming into notice.

Was it really a technical failure?

Assumptions are being made, nothing confirmed yet!

War is not the solution!

Well, can’t say anything!

”That’s not a ‘technical issue’!

Since Iran was stern to retaliate after its esteemed leader Major General Qasem Soleimani was assassinated by the US. Responsively, Iran then raised the red flag of war implying revenge against the US and targeted US bases in Iraq this week. Apparently, the attack could’ve begun a full flesh war between the two countries but thankfully, the world still exists.

Iran’s IRGC targets two US military bases in Iraq!

Certainly, hearing and seeing warmongering elements around, the masses have gradually become frustrated. Well, on the plane crash, the internet has opinionately divided but the majority think that the plane was hit by IRGC’s ballistic missile. Reflecting upon the recent attack, Iran had launched a series of missiles towards US military facilities in Iraq but there’s a clash in reports.

While the national television of Iran is claiming the death of 80 American soldiers, the US hasn’t confirmed it yet. As per official reports, the Ukrainian embassy in Tehran initially accepted it as a ‘technical failure’ but later denied it. Eventually, the stance sparked a debate on the internet while there can be a lot of possibilities for it.

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