This Pakistani Child is giving a Tough Competition to Taimur Ali Khan!

Beware – there’s just too much cuteness in this article for one to handle. 

There’s a very famous saying – “Every person in this world has someone who shares the same looks as theirs.” While it is said that the looks of an individual develop after they have passed a certain age, we believe we can just deny this theory based on what we are about to show you.

A lot of people believe that babies somewhat look the same, given the similar color of their skin and the same amount of chubbiness. But have you ever seen a baby which looks EXACTLY the same as another baby?

Unless they are twins, right?

We Present You, Inaya Shoaib, the Carbon Copy of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s Newborn Taimur Ali Khan

Rahila Shafiq Shaikh

Don’t Believe Us? Check Out the Similarities!

Instagram: inayaandtaimur

Hard to notice any difference, don’t you think?

Taimur Ali Khan made it all over the news not only because of the status of his parents but because of the adorable looks he has. Inaya Shoaib, on the other hand, is the ditto copy of the baby!

There’s Also an Instagram Page which Where Inaya’s Mother Shares the Similar Pictures of These Adorable Babies!

The Inaya Appreciation Post because the Baby Literally Steals the Breath Away

These cuties deserve to break the internet, especially seeing the adorable looks the two share.

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