Review Artist Mahwash Ajaz Tells Us About The Twenty Rules Every Pakistani Drama Literally Follows!

Let’s accept it, as twisted as Pakistani dramas these days are, we still love them. From expensive sets to low budget dramas in the slums, every story is watched and admired in Pakistan, which obviously is 1000x better than watching Indian soap operas.

For the love of our drama industry, review artist Mahwash Ajaz has come up with twenty rules that every Pakistani drama follows without hesitation and literally pays no head to repetition.

Source: MahwashAjaz

Here’s what Mahwash has to say about the 20 rules that every Pakistani drama literally follows!

“Ya Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Yeh maine kya dekh liya?”

Or the girl’s ex-lover will enter the story and make sure the couple gets divorced

Smh, aakhir kitni girhen baaki hain?

This I believe we inherited from Indian drama serials…

And if they’re poor… they would be extremely poor, traveling by bus or rickshaws

And for that, the girl will have to sacrifice her lover, who will come back and haunt her…

Hahahahahaha nailed it! NGOs = Evil

Saas = worst

“Mummy yeh aap kya keh rahi hain?”

She must have had a tough childhood

Hey Mahwash, somebody’s gotta pay for the generators on set, right?

Reminds me of ‘Maa jaisi hasti.. dunya mein hai kahan?’ #Ariel

How could you forget the capris?

And within two episodes, she’s head over heels for the guy she hates

No comments…

Pakistani dramas are all about cousin marriages.. literally a fetish

Aur agli kist walay din ap ke ghar mein load-shedding hojati hai..

Mahwash has been bossing the review scene for a while now and if you like what you see, head over to @TheReviewWithM to see reviews on your favorite Pakistani films, dramas, and what-not!

Pakistani dramas will continue making the audience happy, there’s no doubt about it. As for the twenty rules, we hope that script-writers and directors of our industry see this and well, not do anything about it, as always!

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