This Tweet by Shoaib Akhtar Tells How He May Not Know About Our PM or President!

This Tweet by Shoaib Akhtar Tells How He May Not Know About Our PM or President!

We have often mocked our president Mamnoon Hussain for being close to invisible when it comes to the affairs of Pakistan. His presence is something many can’t feel, let alone be aware of it. During many quiz shows live on national tv, a number of Pakistanis were unable to guess who the person is when they were shown the pictures of Mamnoon Hussain.

Safe to say, this tweet by our favorite, the Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar could feel the same regarding President Mamnoon Hussain. The former bowler made a tweet about a very good news, but the reference picture he used made no sense at all.

Akhtar made a tweet announcing the first Hindu cabinet minister in Pakistan, Dr. Darshan Lal. With the cabinet changes made by the current prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Lal is now the first ever Hindu political leader in Pakistan to be a cabinet minister. Referencing to this, Akthar made this following tweet:

Originally, this picture is from the oath taking ceremony which has President Mamnoon Hussain and PM Abbassi, and not the subject of the tweet, Dr. Lal.

And this Confused Many Followers!


Akhtar then Made Another Tweet which Clarified his Motive behind the Initial Tweet!

Basically, the former bowler urged to focus on the bigger picture, which is that Pakistan is a peace-loving country when it comes to allowing the minorities, and this, in his point of view, was a message.

Also, this is Dr. Darshan Lal

Trolling aside, it is indeed a great move by the cabinet to include a minority political leader in the cabinet. Spreads out a message Pakistanis need to be aware of!

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