This TVC Featuring Shehryar Munawar Just Made Us Jump Out of Our Seats And You Will See WHY!

A few days ago, while I was watching television, a cryptic message took over the screen. A news-screen suddenly sped up, followed by the message, ‘why is everything so fast?’ Amused for a few seconds, I forgot about it later. A couple of hours later, when I was watching a video on YouTube, the same disruptive message took over my screen. Now my interest was a little heightened. I could smell a new campaign. Question was, was it going to be a good one or one that’s promising to be a lot but fails to deliver?

I saw a similar message on TV again and once while reading an article online but I connected the dots the next day when I opened Facebook to check my Newsfeed. While scrolling down, I saw a video shared by Telenor Pakistan, with the message, ‘Pakistan is about to be upgraded. Are you ready?’ Now that I knew that Telenor was behind this, I kept my eyes sharpened for what was to come.

Telenor 4G Speed

We are all living a life that needs to be upgraded with high speed data…So upgrade to Telenor 4G speed now to explore a lifestyle full of new opportunities!#Telenor4GSpeed

Posted by Telenor Pakistan on Friday, June 22, 2018

Just a day later, Telenor Pakistan released its latest TVC featuring the heartthrob Sheheryar Munawar. The TVC was embedded well in an integrated 360 campaign with other platforms which not only reached the right audience but also amplified the message and created the required impact. Integrated across all platforms, the campaign is spread across television, web-banners, social media platforms and Out of Home activations.

The TVC shows Munawar inserting a Telenor 4G sim in a smartphone which transforms  his world and encapsulates the underlying message of the entire campaign, ‘upgrade to Telenor 4G speed.’  We live in a world that is evolving rapidly and we require a data connection that allows us to do multiple things at one time, without compromising on any of the tasks we’re undertaking. Upgraded with Telenor 4G speed, Munawar can be seen uploading content while downloading videos, holding conversations, viewing his multiple feeds and shopping for things online – all from one Telenor 4G sim. Telenor 4G is the speed that everyone seeks because it provides an uninterrupted data experience so that you can do all that you want and more! The TVC has been articulated keeping in mind the target audience of Telenor 4G due to which the right visual cues and auditory feel have been used leading to Ad stickiness.

This is only one bit of the campaign as Telenor has also released a series of highly engaging DVCs with perfect integration to the campaign by signing off with the key message of, “upgrade to Telenor 4G speed”.

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