TV Anchor Mureed Abbas Was Killed By His Own Friend Over Money Dispute In Karachi And This Is Tragic!

Mureed Abbas a renown Bol News anchorperson was shot dead in Defence this Tuesday night in Khayaban-e-Bukhari area. He wasn’t the only one present at the incident, his friend Khizar Hayat also received two bullets and was rushed to a private hospital. Unfortunately, both succumbed to their injuries and died.

South SSP Shiraz Nazeer told that Mureed and Khizer were standing at a roadside stall when a car stopped in front of them and the gunman opened fire. The killer has been identified to be Atif Zaman who started a tyre business with the help of investments that he received from around 40 people including Mureed. He is reported to be Abbas’s good friend and business partner.

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Due to Atif’s illegal attempt of smuggling the Rs 200 million worth of tyres into Pakistan which was foiled at the Balochistan border. Losing all of the goods hurt his business severely. Because of this, he was not returning monthly profits to the investors. Atif was withholding Mureed’s 50 lacs that the deceased invested in the business.

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Both Mureed and his friend demanded their money, upon which Atif took this step and attacked them.

His Distraught Wife Zara Abbas Sitting Right Across Mureed’s Motionless Body At The Hospital Revealed Details About The Incident:

Mureed’s body was taken to the Jinnah hospital and the executive director of the hospital Dr. Seemin Jamali said that Abbas was shot twice. One hit his torso while two his arm. According to Dr. Seemin the one that landed in his chest took his life.

The police raided Atif’s house and found him attempting to take his own life after killing his own two friends. He shot himself in the chest and was taken to the hospital, said the south SSP. Few sources suggest that he also died while others say he is in a critical situation.

Mureed Abbas’s funeral is said to be held in Mianwali’s Piplan.

This wasn’t the only shooting that took place in Karachi at that time. Within the same hour, two more people were gunned down by unidentified people in Pehlwan Goth area.

These two incidents have definitely alarmed the people of Karachi and they question their city’s safety hoping the old dark days do not return.

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