TV Anchor Moeed Pirzada Mocked the Third Gender in the Most Derogatory Manner and It is Not Okay!

When it comes to the rights of the minorities, Pakistan isn’t quite fulfilling in providing them. From the minorities of religion to the minorities of gender, we are not really kind when it comes to treating the minorities. The white part of Pakistan’s flag signifies minorities, and yet we have forgotten about them.

While we blame the government body for not taking appropriate actions, perhaps the problem lies within. The society collectively doesn’t stand strong enough for these minorities who hold basic rights in our country. What makes everything even worse is when public figures refuse to make any statement regarding the minorities. Stooping to the lowest, while these public figures don’t fulfill their duties in this aspect, some of them use their issues to mock.

Something like this is what TV anchor and columnist Moeed Pirzada did on his Social Media account


The journalist, while mocking the male class who make fake IDs on Twitter using females used the image of the third gender, and made fun of their biological identity.

Here’s what he tweeted

To this tweet, given how this man holds a lot of importance in the political aspect of the television industry, Pakistanis were furious for all the right reasons. Using the 3rd gender as an insult to shame men is not acceptable!

Extremely Insulting



Proof that Education doesn’t Eradicate Immature thinking



With the image and tweet up for almost a day, the very “respectful” anchor has still not removed it or issued an apology.

Now Let’s Just Look at the 50 Year Old’s Education

It is indeed despicable to see how the local public figures make such statements and think it is okay to mock something as sensitive as this particular manner. Given how these figures have more insight into what’s happening in the country, instead of doing something productive, they do the polar opposite.

Moeed Pirzada, you need to make a public apology for you have not only stooped to the lowest bar but have also hurt the sentiments of the same class who does not even get the basic rights in the country.

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