Turkish Professor Dies With The Quran In His Hands & Quranic Ayats On His Lips

Turkish Professor Dies With The Quran In His Hands & Quranic Ayats On His Lips

Teaching Quran For Almost A Century, Turkish Man Dies The Way He Lived

We all have heard the saying, you die the way you live. This has truly come true as a Professor of Quranic Recitations took his last breath reciting the word of God in Turkey.

Ustadh Mehmet Ali Shaflak, teacher of the Holy Quran and Professor of Quranic recitations spent his life memorizing the word of God. He dedicated his life to the noble profession and strive to share his teachings with the world. So much so, that when death came to greet him he departed the world with Quran in his hands and Quranic verses on his lips.

‘Die the way you live’

On the fifth of Ramadan, April 28, Ustadh Shaflak was engrossed in reciting the Holy Quran when his soul departed him. He was 94.

Almost a century lived with the same motivation, the same purpose. To be closer to Allah. To learn his words, understanding them, and then passing on his knowledge to the world. The universe works in mysterious ways but it effects us all individually.

‘Fazeelat’ of dying in Ramadan

Ever wondered, what happens if someone dies in the holy month of Ramadan? According to a Hadith, the gates of heaven are opened and hellfire is closed in the month of Ramadan. Hence, it indicates that those who die in the month of Ramadan may go straight to the Jannah. However, it is not certain as there are mixed opinions between scholars.

As per some fatwas, it is said that those who die in the month of Ramadan can be safeguarded.

“We can deduce from this Hadith that the one who passes away in Ramadan, will be safeguarded from punishment by the grace of almighty Allah.” (Fatawa Mahmudiyyah 1/630) (Ahsanul Fatawa 4/208)

“A person who passes away in the state of fasting will enter paradise.” (fatawa Mahmudiyyah 1/631)

What we can do?

We choose the course of our lives. Once it is set, it becomes harder to go back and change our path. That’s why such teachings and habits are to be taught early in life so that they leave a lasting impact.

So when the time comes to take your leave from the world, Death comes as a friend and not the enemy.
The way you live is the way you die. Think about that today.


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