Our Beloved Turkish Duo Sings Again And This Time It's

Our Beloved Turkish Duo Sings Again And This Time It’s A Very Special Song!

Remember the guys from Ankara, Turkey who sat down and sang “Aafreen Aafreen”? Of course, you do! That was the day we discovered 2 Turkish guys who keep quite an interest in the Pakistani heritage. Not to forget, one of them looks like Fawad Afzal Khan, so Pakistanis have had a real treat!

Hakan Eser and Emirhan Özdemir have come a long way down from being 2 Turkish guys randomly singing “Aafreen Aafreen” to singing more songs including Aitebaar by Vital Signs and winning the hearts of Pakistani people.

Hakan Eser and Emirhan Özdemir

Recently, we sat down, interviewed the Turkish duo as they revealed their love for Pakistanis, talked about Biryani and spoke Urdu!

We had the honor of getting personal with Emirhan Özdemir and Hakan Eser. They both revealed their story and revealed how much Pakistani culture is supported and looked up in Turkey. They revealed their fondness for the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, talked about biryani and spoke Urdu quite fluently!

They are back at singing! This time, it’s a legendary item by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan…


It is a wonder how they can sing so well! These guys sang all the way from Ankara, Turkey. It’s amazing how they cannot speak Urdu properly yet manage to personify such impeccable pronunciation as well as managed to sing such a difficult song, Wohi Khuda Hai by the legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Emirhan Özdemir

Hakan and Emirhan continue to amaze us. Surely, they realize they have the love and support of millions of Pakistanis who avidly followed them as they became viral. During our live session on Facebook with the Turkish duo, many people urged them to sing more. And why not? THEY SING PRETTY WELL!

Hakan Eser

Emirhan and Hakan promised all their supporters in Pakistan that they will come up with more content. This time, they sang a song that is dear to our hearts. We can say, they riveted our emotions and set us in the mood. We have an appreciation for their love and support of our heritage. We could not be more proud!

Their newest update has got us excited once again. Now we are anticipating more from them. We simply cannot get enough of it!

Are you excited to see your favorite Turkish duo singing again? If you like Hakan Eser and Emirhan Özdemir, then show your support! Follow them on Instagram: hakaneser1 and emirhanozdmir. As for now, enjoy their newest cover and let’s hope we have more to celebrate in future.

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