Turkey Bomb Blast Causes At Least 28 Dead And Dozens Trapped

turkey bomb blast

Rescuers looked for the final miner missing on Saturday at a coal mine in northern Turkey, where a methane blast the day before claimed at least 40 lives in one of the deadliest industrial accidents to hit the nation in recent memory.

Just before dusk on Friday, the bomb ripped through the mine close to the little coal mining town of Amasra on Turkey’s Black Sea coast.

Energy Minister Fatih Donmez, who was visibly moved, remarked at the scene on Saturday, “We are approaching the finish of the rescue mission.”

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The only individual whose fate is still unknown, he added, adding that the fire that had started in the tunnels after the explosion was now largely under control.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu updated the death toll and stated, “We have counted 40 dead in all. It was possible for 58 miners to be rescued, either alone or with the help of rescuers.

He said that the explosion had injured 28 individuals.

Around 110 individuals were reportedly underground at the time of the blast, according to Soylu.

Television footage showed masses of worried people, some of whom had tears in their eyes, gathered around a damaged white building close to the pit entrance in quest of information for their relatives and loved ones.

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