You Are Not On A Diet Plan If You Do Not Feel These 8 Things!


Resisting the urge to keep munching on is one of the hardest sturggles of life I have known. People who live on a well crafted diet plan all their life seem pretty non existential to me. After all, we get this life once and the right way to go about is living to eat.

But, here I would want to appreciate those warriors out there who can tame their calorie intake. Kudos to you all for actually putting up with the following facts of you ‘diet life’.

1. Your friend bail out on your healthy food lectures because you have practically exhausted them.

giphy (2)

2. You always keep a track of your calories. 

giphy (3)

3. The guilt of over eating kills you. 

giphy (4)

4. And you make up for it by having salad next time.

giphy (5)

5. Liquid Diets are a good change but then you cant afford frequent trips to the restroom.

giphy (6)

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6. When counting your bites may not be a good sight for others.

giphy (8)

7. When you feel incomplete without a water bottle.

giphy (9)

8. But at the end of the day, you win at staying away from food all around you.

giphy (10)

Keep up the healthy live while I get back to my bag of Lays.

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