Pakistanis Can’t Stop Tweeting About This Trend And Man, This Is Actually Hilarious!

Before I begin, let me tell you that it is absolutely okay to try something different in life…

Growing up, we’ve always heard that we should always be open to trying different things. Ever thought of challenging yourself or maybe taking a risk?  Does that make you want to keep trying out different things?

If you think about it, if you are not happy in an area of your life or you feel stuck in a rut or want something to be better, then the only way you can make that change is by trying something new and you just need a new way of thinking!

But then there are times when you want to try ulti seedhi cheezen and just have fun? Because that actually helps you enjoy life, even more! I guess we’ve all been there and done that. In fact, it happens, a little too often. Isn’t it?

Well, a recent hashtag on Twitter #TryKaroKuchDifferent has caught everyone’s attention! And our youth started participating in it like anything. You gotta check it out! Want to know the best part? Some of them got really creative and witty with their tweets!

And our very famous TV star, Yasir Hussain, also participated in this trend by posting a video on his Insta account!

And this super girl who’s a fashion blogger and a medical student (and so much more), Tehleel Ghulali Khan, also shared her story of trying something different and how she overcame her fears <3

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Saw a new hashtag #trykarokuchdifferent and decided to share my side of the story on it. When I came to med school, everyone thought I’d leave blogging behind and carry on with the studies. But, I thought to myself: let’s try to take both along, I can at least give it a shot. And I’m so happy that I did. My old followers know that I could NEVER speak in front of camera. Everyone would ask ‘why do you stutter so much’, ‘why are you looking at a notebook’ (yes I used to read from a notebook and there’s NOTHING WRONG with that ?). I took a step for myself and calmed my heart down, whenever I would have palpitations, I’d force myself to do it. I had to TRY. Then came my Trip to the North. I have a CRAZY phobia of heights and I forced my silly self to get over it by sitting on the top of a moving bus, amongst mountains, on a thin road. The rush was real you guys. For me, it was a HUGE deal to be able to do any of that. Kher my point is, I’m forcing myself to try something different every day because life is SO short. So uncertain. So unpredictable. I have a tonne of things lined up to challenge myself with this year! And I cannot wait to try them all out. And guys, let me know if you’ve decided to get out of your comfort zone and tried something different, in the comments below. #trykarokuchdifferent

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Famous RJ on FM 91, Khalid Malik was also part of this trend! We loved how he decided to host his show in Urdu instead of doing it in English!

WWF- Pakistan

And, the following audio clip is of Khalid Malik making an effort to do something different from the routine

Check it out!

In his show, Khalid asked the listeners and kept emphasizing to share their experiences of how they should try to break the monotony of their lives. Yeah, we know how tiring and boring it gets!

And there were a bunch of others who went crazy with this trend! Let’s begin, shall we?

Now, this guy’s going places! Awesome!

Haha! People still have high hopes. Real high! 😛


Masha’Allah, bhae, Masha’Allah!

Bas? Itni jaldi?

This girl here is SAVAGE!!

Not a bad idea, larki!

Ye hui na baat!

We love how innovative they are! Also,  are you willing to try out something different? Let us know in the comments below!

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