Here’s How Trump’s Ban On Muslims Is Uniting Everyone Worldwide, Including The Americans!

Chaos and uproar in the hearts of many, Trump’s decision of banning Muslim-majority states from entering the United States of America is not only taking the social media by storm but is also deeply inflicting on the targeted masses present in and out of the USA.

It was no surprise that Donald Trump, the newly elected president of the USA would take racial steps as soon as he formally gets into power. The racial hate that was seen across the USA as soon as Trump won the presidential elections depicted a lot of the possible American mindset, fearing the minorities the most. Home to 319 million citizens (out of which 134 million citizens fall under the umbrella of minorities), the United States of America seems to be ruled in an arbitrary, biased manner now.

On Friday the 27th of January 2017, Donald Trump announced the ban of 7 Muslim-majority states from entering in the USA. These countries include:

  1. Yemen
  2. Iraq
  3. Iran
  4. Syria
  5. Libya
  6. Sudan
  7. Somalia

Ban on entering for 120 days and indefinitely on the Syrian refugees, the order also detains US visas from these listed 7 countries. As radical as the decision is, Trump definitely did not think it through as even the United State’s court is partially ruling against this order.

However, just the order alone is shattering the homes of many, especially those immigrants and refugees who flew out of the country as there are high chances they won’t be able to enter the soils of USA for a certain amount of time.

The only positive thing about this ban is how people from all around the world are uniting against the order passed by Trump. Not only Muslims but even people practicing other religions are speaking against the order. The Americans protested in the light of this ban yesterday as well. The Americans, including both the Muslims and non-Muslims, is definitely showing how strong USA can become during situations like these.

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It is a relief to see how Americans and walking with Muslim immigrants and standing with unity. Here’s to hoping one of the most powerful countries in the world doesn’t blow due to the immature decisions made by the newly elected president.



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