US President Trump Makes Historic Judgement Of Not Attacking Iran!

US not to attack Iran

The Middle-East crisis continues to see unprecedented ups and downs. After Iran’s attack on US bases Al-Asad and Irbil in Iraq, US President Donald Trump has finally responded. Donald Trump’s reply to Iran has shocked many.

The scheduled press conference of US President Trump sent a notion of peace for the Middle-East, which many will find positive. It was believed that the US would retaliate in response to the attack yesterday. Trump, in effect, has chosen peace.

He opened the statement with a stern warning that until he is in power, Iran will not acquire a nuclear weapon. He then went on to inform the world that ‘no US military personnel were harmed during the attack’. He confirmed that Iran did attack, but not a single life was lost.

Trump Press Conference

Source: BBC

This comes contrary to Iran’s official statement that they had killed 80 American troops in the housing facilities. However, the bigger point of focus remains that the US has decided to walk away from war. This, coming from a demagogue like Donald Trump, is a huge statement.

Donald Trump’s reply to Iran was swift, well-prepared and now makes one fact evident. The US administration has a severe influence on any US President, including Trump. The reply was swift and unprecedented because Trump is used to using derogatory remarks.

The US instead will be hurting Iran through extremely strict economic sanctions. Trump said that Iran needed to act ‘responsibly’ and it was time the JCPOA ended officially. Moreover, he spoke to the members of JCPOA including the likes of the UK, Russia, and China that they too, should disown Iran.

Although this theory might be a bit farfetched the US will never strike a deal as per Donald Trump’s reply to Iran.

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