Donald Trump Says US Has Good Relations With Pakistan

US Has Good Relations With Pakistan, Says Trump During India Visit!

Donald Trump India

US President Donald Trump has landed in India and addressed an over-enthusiastic crowd in Ahmedabad. Amidst all the tensions between Pakistan and India, Trump said the United States has very good relations with Pakistan. He said he hopes to reduce tensions in the region.

“US and India are committed to stopping terrorists and fight their ideology. For this reason, my administration is working in a very positive way with Pakistan. It is to crack down on terrorist organisations and militants on the Pakistani border,” said Trump.

Donald Trump India

source: Dawn

He further added, “Our relationship with Pakistan is a very good one. Thanks to these efforts, we are beginning to see signs of big progress with Pakistan. And we are hopeful for reduced tensions, greater stability and the future of harmony for all of the nations of South Asia”.

Trump has time and again praised Pakistan and said that he looks forward for a better relationship with the country,

Trump’s huge welcome in India

Trump has received a huge welcome when he landed in the region. Trump’s speech at the rally named ‘Namaste Trump’ (Welcome Trump). Nearly everyone in the newly constructed stadium in Ahmedabad sported a white cap with the name of the event, ‘Namaste, Trump’.

However, just before Trump landed in India, Pakistan was hoping that he will play mediator between the two countries. Pakistan’s foreign affairs ministry spokesperson Aisha Farooqui said, “We hope that during the US President’s visit to India, the issues being faced by the people of Indian occupied Kashmir will be raised with the Indian government. We hope that the offer of mediation expressed by the US President is taken forward through some concrete practical step”.

Furthermore, Trump opened his speech by declaring that he travelled 8,000 miles to deliver the message of love to India. He said, “America loves India, America respects India and America will always be faithful and loyal friends to the Indian people”.

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