Truck Driver’s Son Pens Emotional Tribute To Father On His Graduation Day

Zafar ali tribute father

We Always see parents go above and beyond to help their children succeed in the world. Parents are always seen striving hard to give their children the best they can offer. The world sees it as their responsibility, but it is truly a gift for the children to acknowledge.

This young fresh graduate from college has taken to Facebook to thank his Father for all he has ever done.

In a heartfelt post, he shares the hurdles his father had to face to give him the education and encouragement that made him what he is today.

Zafar Ali, a new graduate from Lewis & Clark College, US, pens down a tribute to his hardworking father who is a truck driver by profession.

He started by saying, “Dad, I just graduated from college. It has been one crazy journey!”

On the day of his graduation, he couldn’t celebrate the moment without acknowledging this father’s struggle to get him there.

He wrote, “You know Dad, my graduation today took me back to the day you first walked me to Cambridge Public School some 19 years ago. We could have never imagined back then that we could be here. I remember the time when I wanted a computer, and you gave me a month’s salary to buy it; or the time when I refused to move away from the cart until you bought me a tape recorder, and you did. And those times when you took me across Pakistan in your truck. Dad, often I wonder, if you had the world, you would have made me its King.”

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He also goes on to revisiting old memories and talking about times he made expensive requests to which his father always obliged.

This is a tribute.Dad, I just graduated from college. It has been one crazy journey! The past four years were the best…

Gepostet von Zafar Ali am Sonntag, 10. Mai 2020

“You have worked so hard all your life, some three and half decades of intense labor.” Zafar wrote addressing his father, ” Yet there were times when things were really difficult. Remember the time in Karachi Dad, when I was in 10th grade? Oh that was crunchy! On a different occasion you visited me in Karachi and you had some 500 rupees. You gave me 480. When I asked what you were gonna do, you said the 20 was enough to take you to your truck, and from there you will figure it out.”

Zafar’s father taught him valuable lessons

He writes that his main inspiration has been and will always be his father. Who not only stood by him but poured in all that a father could teach his son.

“In spite of this all Dad, you always taught us a lesson of hard work and goodwill. I remember when you prayed for me that my life is like a candle — a source of light and hope,” he added.

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Zafar did not forget his Mother’s Contributions

Mothers are known to be selfless. Putting their children’s needs before theirs. He thanked his mother for always being there for him and teaching him things the world could not.

“Mom, oh how does one even begin to describe her. A woman who never dealt in the real world often tells me things that I never heard in far corners of the world. She is so insightful, so caring, and just so so amazing.”

In the end he confesses that he enjoys the privileges that he has been bestowed with thus far and is insightful about the challenges he must face in the future.

“They don’t call it hard work for nothing — it’s hard work. But I pray we rise; I pray we find time and energy here to walk the miles. Maybe ultimately all this will be for naught, but maybe, maybe just maybe we succeed, and those odds are all that matters.”

“We shall wage our fights along with a nation, and together, we shall find redemption and peace,” he concluded.

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