Remembering 67 FC Cadets Who Were Martyred In Charsadda 9 Years Ago

FC cadets blast

For the past two decades, Pakistan is stuck in the vicious cycle of terrorism. Mainly, the layer of terrorism struck the country after the 9/11 incident. The layer of terrorism has reportedly killed 60000 Pakistanis. On this date, in 2011, FC training center Shabqadar Charsadda was devasted by twin suicide bombings which resulted in the martyrdom of 67 Frontier Constabulary (FC) cadets.

The then district police chief, Marwat condemned the attack and commented on the sad incident.  “There are five civilians among the dead and four other bodies which had been torn into pieces could not be identified yet,” said Marwat.

FC cadets blast

Source: Twitter

The deadliest attack occurred at around 6:00 am when newly-trained FC cadets, clothed in civilian clothes, were getting into buses for a 10-day vacation after finishing their 6months training at the training center.

Besides, Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan claimed the responsibility of the attack. As per the Taliban, they attacked the FC training center to avenge the death of Osama Bin Laden.

People on social media remembering the martyrs of Pakistan FC and paying their tribute to them.

‘God Bless’


‘Not to forget about the families of these young men’

‘Will never forget the sacrifices’

Above all, Pakistan will never forget the martyrdom of these gallant and brave soldiers/cadets of Frontier Constabulary (FC). Though attackers have not only damaged the country but the name of Islam too. May they meet the miserable end. Pakistanis have wholeheartedly paid their tribute to the martyrs and promised to never forget their sacrifices.

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