We Need To Talk About This Heart-lifting Tribute By Junaid Jamshed's

We Need To Talk About This Heart-lifting Tribute By Junaid Jamshed’s Sons At HUM TV Awards!

The 5th edition of HUM TV Awards took place two days ago and what happened during the event is making rounds all over social media. Beginning with the horrible joke made by comedian Yasir Hussain, the entire social media was surprised on how the actor got away with casually joking about child molestation or even thinking it was okay to do so.

While the actor might have made an apology, social media and drama fanatics still feel appalled by the choice of words Yasir Hussain chose while ‘admiring’ the looks of Ahsan Khan who played the role of a paedophile in Udaari.

On the other hand, singer-actor Ahmed Ali Butt also made a similarly disgusting remark while talking about Ahsan Khan

This wasn’t the first time the actor did something unethical and awful. #Flashback to last year:

While many talked about the horrific things that happened in the gathering of the elitists acknowledging the presence and work of each other, a heart-lifting, touching moment also embraced the gathering.

Late Junaid Jamshed’s Sons Paid A Tribute To Father Alongside His Former Band Member and Friend Salman Ahmed

Before performing one of the most patriotic songs sang by Junaid Jamshed and Vital Signs, Taimur Junaid gave a brief speech where he said:

“My father loved Pakistan… Until now, I had no idea that he was loved by so many people. The stories I heard about the people he helped to the ones he inspired, I’ve never been so overwhelmed. Anyone who lost someone on that flight, we are in this together… I hope and pray we can come out of this together. Please know that you are not alone.”


The three later performed Dil Dil Pakistan live and the background showed a perfect blast from the past as a tribute to Junaid Jamshed:

They also performed Jazba Junoon:

Indeed, it was lovely watching how Junaid Jamshed’s sons and his friend Salman Ahmed paying a lovely tribute to one of the most iconic legends of Pakistan.

Rest in peace, Junaid Jamshed. We surely miss you.

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