Danyal Zafar Couldn't Resist Appreciating The Boy Who Sang A 50-Second Cover of 'Muntazir'

Danyal Zafar Couldn’t Resist Appreciating The Boy Who Sang A 50-Second Cover of ‘Muntazir’

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It has always been a pleasure watching Coke Studio from the very first day it went on-air. This sensational yet uniquely arranged musical venture is itself a great tribute to the legendary musicians and singers of Pakistan.

This music program stands out in the whole world because of its never getting old, musical concept and the way it has molded the soulful voices of young Pakistanis with its mesmerizing and heartwarming music techniques.

Recently, an uptown lad from Karachi tried his guts to present an amazing tribute to none-other-then Danial Zafar who himself is just fresh in the music industry. Danyal, the younger brother of the famous actor, singer and model Ali Zafar who have been connected to this field for quite a long time now.

Hamza J. Sheikh, who is an Advertising student, pursued his passion for singing in a very different way. Hamza loves to sing whenever he gets ample time from his studies. A few days back, he randomly sang few lines of his ever favorite song from Coke Studio Season 10, Muntazir by Danyal Zafar and Momina Mustehsan and uploaded it on this YouTube Channel and Facebook Fan Page.

Source: twitter

He then tweeted the same song on one of the social media portals “Twitter,”tagging Coke Studio, Danyal Zafar, and Momina Mustehsan. My God, this was his lucky day as in just a few minutes Coke Studio itself took the pleasure to reply to Hamza’s tweet, appreciating his amazing voice and his great effort.

We wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

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