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NAB Arrests Qaimkhani Ex DG Parks Karachi And Discovered Items Worth Millions From His House!

Pakistan has been in the grips of severe corruption and the corrupts for a long time. The rich get richer… Read More

Pakistan Didn’t Invite India On Its Cultural Day Program During The SCO Military Drill Held In Russia!

In the ongoing Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) army drill in Russia, a cultural event was organized by Pakistan On Thursday.… Read More

These Luxurious Camping Pods For Vacations In Nathia Gali Are Definitely Instagram Worthy!

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3 Reasons Why You Need To Start Caring About The Amazon Rainforest!

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11 Most Influential Pakistani Personalities On Social Media In 2019!

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Alpha Bravo Charlie’s Rumored Sequal ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’ Is Coming To HUM TV And The Show Looks Perfect!

Pakistan's entertainment industry is currently in its revival mode but the content being produced is definitely touching the quality quotient.… Read More

Meet Umair Khan – An Upcoming Artist Who Is Finally Giving Pakistan Its Own Cultured Superheroes!

The skillset that Pakistani young talent endures is completely different and unique as compared to the rest of the world.… Read More

Shahzeb Khanzada Thrashed A KPK Education Advisor On Live TV Over Girls Wearing Abaya In Schools!

The education system implemented in Pakistan has always been a victim of criticism because of the obsoleted syllabus still being… Read More

Trolls Seem Triggered After Naimal Khawar Shares Pictures Of ‘Platonic’ Times With Hamza Ali Abbasi!

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar's wedding was the highlight recently. The beautiful couple tied the knot in an intimate… Read More

Medical Student Nimrita Kumari’s Brother Has Spoken Out Over Her Alleged Suicide In Hostel Room In Larkana!

There have been several cases of cold-blooded murder that have been reported under the guise of suicide. A perfect way to… Read More

These 7 Major Sins Will Land A Muslim In Hellfire In The Light Of Holy Quran!

Sin is one of the most important concepts in Islam. In its essence, it is an act that goes against… Read More

Muslims Protecting Hindu Brothers And Their Mandir In Ghotki From A Mob Is The Real Pakistan!

Stuck in the political and religious vicious agendas, in recent times, the human race is turning towards an extreme stance.… Read More

Viral ‘Friendship Guy’ Asif Returns To The Internet Flaunting A Bracelet Given By His New Indian Best Friend!

In this cruel world, lucky are those who can have a stable and loyal friend, standing side by side at… Read More

Fawad Chaudhry Announces Pakistan’s First Space Mission By 2022 With The Help Of China!

Pakistan may be short on resources but never on talent. Some of the best engineers, doctors, scientists and more have… Read More

A Passenger Shows Sparks Allegedly Coming Out Of Kohat Express Train’s Toilet & This Is Dangerous!

Whenever any project is deployed, it requires maintenance. Especially when you are providing services to customers, it is one of… Read More

Indians Are Claiming That Cow Dung Can Prevent Nuclear Radiations And Ew, Someone Stop Them!

Indians never fail to amuse. For their Hindu majority, a cow is of great significance. The animal is worshiped and… Read More

There Are Strong Rumors Of Nawaz Sharif Getting An NRO From Government & Leaving Pakistan!

Currently, Pakistan is facing an economic deflation because of the political turmoil devastating its stability chances. Since the political alliance,… Read More

Punjab Police Allegedly Brutally Beat A Young Man And Left Him For Dead At The Hospital In Gojra!

Punjab police have made a name for themselves recently in eye-opening events pertaining to police brutality and torture. The frequency… Read More

Officer Who Raided Cafe’ Aylanto In Lahore For Openly Selling Alcohol Is Suspended & This Is Naya Pakistan!

No matter or situation is black and white; there's always some twist to the story or more to it then… Read More

Nazish Jahangir Threatens Fatema Sohail After She Blew Her Private Messages!

Leaping over to the factual controversies in the current year related to Pakistan's entertainment industry, Mohsin Abbas Haider's chaotic relation… Read More

The Disturbing Story Of How This Woman Was Held Captive By Her Own Brothers For 20 Years In Hafizabad!

It is rightly said that in today's cut-throat world, one can only seek sincerity, unconditional love, and support in their… Read More

PM Khan’s Govt May Invoke Article 149 In Karachi To Make It Pakistan’s Best City!

The largest and most populous city of Pakistan is crumbling away. Karachi has always been used and abused to the… Read More

Recent Controversial Picture Of Mohsin Abbas Haider & Nazish Jahangir Is Making Many Uncomfortable!

The current year has been an immense ride for some of the Pakistani celebrities as media these days doesn't spare… Read More

Love Is In The Air! Muslim Man Stood 6 Hours In Flight So His Wife Could Sleep Comfortably!

A photo quickly went viral over social media, where a husband reportedly stood for 6 hours straight on a flight… Read More