The Increasing Trend Of Taking Pictures Of Others In Front Of Holy Kaaba

selfies on hajj

The House of Allah Almighty, Khana-e-Kaaba, is looked upon as the cornerstone of Islam. Ever since the Qibla was changed from Jerusalem to Makkah, millions of Muslims, every year, make their way to Saudi Arabia.

In a bid to fulfill their duties as a Muslim, the Umrah, and Hajj are carried out with zeal. In all simplicity, Muslims pray to Allah Almighty, for themselves and their loved ones. However, with the advancement in technology, that trend is changing.

Additionally, modern-day Hajj and Umrah are seeing a different trend. The orthodox pattern of praying for others is changing. Today, a great number of Muslims visiting the Kaaba, tend to take pictures of others through their phones, and ‘confirm’ that they indeed prayed for the said person. One person on social media called this ‘trend’ out and rightly so.

“It’s so hard to bear this Shit!

When I was Moving for Haj, everyone asks me for the prayers they have. I gave them a diary. They wrote them all and I think it was better but deep down we all know Allah can listen everywhere, but on behalf of our beliefs. Some believe that Every dua is fulfilled in front of the Kaaba. Yeah For Sure it happened, which is Good For Us.

But Nowadays, no one is asking for Making Dua, no One was Is Asking for Zam-zam, no one is asking for Beautiful moments.

All they want is, need their Picture Displayed on Mobile, in front of the Kaaba. This makes you faithful?? Some ask, to capture a Name Chit in front of Kaaba?? What is It, BRO?? this is a place for show off?? Or Displaying Picture?? Why the hell you don’t ask for Dua?? The pic can be edited in Photoshop too.

And One Thing More, I am just again Pointing out my reason to Post, That this Place is For Dua, for Ibadat don’t waste this only on Pictures. Whenever your Love ones go for Umrah or Haj, Handover a List Duas, and Tabarrukat to bring. And Ask them To make a Live call for you from there. You will find real Happiness there.

People who ask for these Pics themselves, and the people. Who pre-plan before going to umrah For doing these things, lost their Moments and Just are shown off…

I really condemn this act. KINDLY Stop this all…” 

Furthermore, if somebody does pray for you in front of the Kaaba, it should not demand proof. It should not require a picture for you to flaunt on your social media profiles. All it demands is trust and happiness that somebody did remember you in front of the House of Allah.

Moreover, the person talked about how people are not interested in conventional souvenirs like Zam-Zam water, rosaries or Jae-Namaz any more. All they want is a snap of their faces in front of the Kaaba.

As a Muslim, it is one of our firmest beliefs that we only get to visit the House of Allah when he wants us too. So, if our time hasn’t come yet, it is from Allah himself. To force the issue is not a good omen. Just like this trend.

Credits: U S Q

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