Traveling from Karachi to Lahore was a Near-Death Experience for Me

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The frequent flight incidents in the past few years sure have left the people in a terrifying state. Traveling by air now has become a nightmare – A near to death experience and fatal for some. But, even if we choose not to travel at times, there are certain circumstances that you just can’t avoid and end up traveling by air.

I traveled from Karachi to Lahore yesterday with my children (4-year-old and 9 months old). I was very excited to travel via new airline as I had heard really good things about it. We boarded the plane and after 20 minutes of taking off, severe turbulence started. I thought it was quite okay as we all thought since it is the monsoon in Punjab and it has been raining in almost every city of Punjab, that could be the reason. After 15 minutes, the turbulence turned into a nightmare and the plane started losing its stability. In fact, it was literally bouncing in the air 100-150 feet of high/lows altitudes.

It was then when all the passengers started reciting the Kalma, loudly. All I thought was, “If we die, I have my children with me. what will my husband do”? Women were screaming on top of their lungs and everyone was loudly saying, “Kalma perho maut aagayi hai” (which I find funny now but at that time tears were rolling down my eyes). I was begging Allah if it’s time for us to go, then please give us Shahadat.

I also made a clip when the turbulence started and all I could see from my window was thunderstorm and lightening! Let me tell you, it became much worse, later.

But Alhamdulilah, the flight landed safely. It was something which I had never wanted to experience, that too with my children and not having my husband. It was indeed a horrid nightmare! May Allah protect us all and keep us safe from such incidents. Ameen.

May Allah protect us all and keep us safe from such incidents. Ameen.

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