Here’s how you can have the Best Time in These 10 Beautiful Countries for PKR 40,000 OR Less

Travelling is like a therapy. No joyous experience on earth can ever come close to it. There’s nothing like exploring God’s green earth; the gorgeous landscapes, picturesque beaches. There’s a plethora of wondrous places on earth which make traveling a remarkable experience for everyone. Also, hot tourist destinations around the world specialize in putting up a remarkable experience for travelers which DOES NOT cost a fortune. How come? Let us explore that in a bit.

Recently, we brought you 10 places on earth Pakistanis can travel under 1 lakh rupees. We compiled all the beautiful destinations around Far East Asia, Africa, and even Europe, where a plane ticket falls under 100k, in fact, cheaper than that. Of course one is surely going to take more money and regardless of anything, airfare is usually the biggest expense. How does the rest come along?

Today we are going to bring you another comprehensive guide of how to get around certain places under budget, PKR 40,000, precisely. Yes, that does not include a plane ticket but your pockets won’t be empty because the cheapest return tickets to these destinations are UNBELIEVABLY LOW in price!

What can you expect? Not the best hotel, no amount of luxury; just gorgeous sights of breathtaking landscapes, astonishingly delicious cheap food, cheap transit around cities and a thousand photos for Instagram. Let’s begin…

1. Egypt

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Pyramids. Pyramids. Pramidssssss. The majestic Pyramids of Gaza and the legends behind it. Egypt is a beauty and a wonder to explore. It’s an absolute treat for your wanderlust. How to have fun on a budget? According to Trip Advisor, cheap hotels with up to the mark facilities cost you around PKR 2000 per night. That’s nothing! Food isn’t too expensive. A lot of traveling hacks can fill you up and it’s fairly cheap. You can even save more than you can imagine.

2. Istanbul, Turkey


Didn’t expect it, right? While we agree the food is a bit expensive, yet you can have the best time if you work around smartly. Dormitory hotels cost as low as PKR 1000. Besides, good hotels like Lotus Hotel in Fatih, Istanbul costs as low as PKR 2500 per night. Otel Class Hotel is even cheaper and costs only PKR 2000 a night. Food may be a bit expensive, however, you always have plenty of choices. If you want to stay on budget, avoid going out at night in Beyoglu and Bosphorous.

3. Vietnam

via Geckos Adventures

Orchid Hotel in Hue and Movenpick Hotel in Hoi An get you around PKR 3000 a night with many so facilities including breakfast. Food is moderate and not so expensive if you try contemporary Vietnamese – yet Halal – in local, mid-range restaurants. Besides, breathtaking landscapes will pull you closer and that’s like entertainment for FREE.

4. Baku, Azerbaijan

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Riva Hotel costs PKR 1800 a night. BP Hotel costs PKR 2100 a night. Istanbul Hotel costs PKR 1600 a night. What more could you ask for? Their beaches are so cool! Just avoid coming here during the Formula 1 European Grand Prix – unless you’re a F1 fan – because it takes places in Baku Circuit and that means overwhelmed hotels and high prices of almost everything.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

via Return Of Kings

Hostel Ananas has an excellent reputation and costs a whooping PKR 1300 a night. What a bargain! Hostel Seven even costs around PKR 2300. You have plenty of options under PKR 2500, here. Besides, Plus Prague, OMG, what a luxurious hotel only costs PKR 3000 a night and guess what, they have excellent facilities that will hook you up. By the time you are done sightseeing around the beautiful capital, you’ll be excited to avail the hospitality here.

6. Tbilisi, Georgia

via Radisson Blu Blog

Hotel Tbilisi Central by Mgzavrebi can hook you up under PKR 2000 a night, easily! Besides, Hotel Mariali costs PKR 2900 a night. These options are really cool because they include breakfast. Also, Ferry services are relatively cheap as long as you ditch First Class. You can enjoy good food, take a ton pictures of the beautiful landscape and make your trip worthwhile.

7. Bangkok, Thailand


Krit Hotel can hook you up around PKR 1300/ night. Resort M, a breathtaking place only costs around PKR 2800 a night. There are relatively cheaper options but risky too, so on the safest side, try not going less than PKR 1300 a night and be wary of your surroundings. Bangkok is amazing, you can have so much fun without having a financial crisis on your trip, seriously.

8. Taiwan

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Taiwan is a gorgeous place and a hot tourist attraction. The favorite place to stay here for many people remains Baan Phrasing Guesthouse near the Sunday market and it is unbelievably cheap – PKR 2300 a night. Also, check out Judy at Patong Beach – only PKR 2600! How cool… Rest of your money, you can better spend in other ways.

9. Kiev, Ukraine

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Tourist Hotel Complex, an award-winning hotel that costs around PKR 2700 a night. Besides, iris Hotels, another award-winning place can hook you up around 2600 a night. That’s the best bargain you’ll get in Europe. Explore the city, it’s magnificent locations and landscapes. Food is not expensive either but you have to be very selective. Halal food might not really be a problem but you cannot do anything about the language.

10. Bucharest, Romania

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Talk about hotels, First Hotel Bucharest includes breakfast and costs you up to PKR 2200 a night. The Map Hostel, the cheapest option costs around PKR 1900 a night. Also, BOOK-A-REST Hostel, a very in-demand place just costs around 2800 a night. Food here in Romania can be a bit harsh on your pocket, so try not to walk into every other restaurant. The old city town and the architecture are so beautiful that you won’t stop marveling at its beauty.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s gooooooo!

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