Lockdown: Transporters Appeal Govt To Protect Them From Sindh Police

Transporters Government Sindh Police

The coronavirus pandemic has created havoc all across the world with many countries going under strict lockdown. Similarly, the government of Pakistan, after analyzing the consequences, has recently extended the lockdown for another two weeks.

However, the business community is incurring the most loss during this pandemic and is demanding relief in such hard times. Recently, in a video of the president of construction goods pleading the authorities to protect them is doing rounds on social media. Reportedly, the Sindh police have been maltreating the transporters during the coronavirus pandemic.

Appealing to the Sindh authorities, Khair Zaman stated, ”My name is Khair Zaman and I’m the president of construction goods and dump trucks. My appeal is to the Sindh chief minister (Murad Ali Shah) and Inspector General Sindh. God forbid, people are really worried. At first, we are already bearing the coronavirus pandemic and now, the Sindh police have also become a huge problem for us.”

DSP Gadap confiscating 5 to 7 trucks daily

Zaman further said, ”What is the crime of a dump truck? What sin has it done? Every day our 5 to 7 trucks are being confiscated at Gadap police station. Please take notice of the deployed Deputy Superintendant of Police (DSP) at that station. That DSP stops and confiscates our trucks every single day. Moreover, he stops about 50 to 60 trucks on the road.”

Transporters Government Sindh Police

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”What does transport has to do with coronavirus? Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan also gave a white flag to the transporters, still, the police are making our lives hard. Our trucks don’t even enter the city and even if they enter, there is only one driver and one conductor in a single truck. We bring goods from India and Iran, why do they confiscate 4 to 5 trucks regularly,” he asked.

Sindh police becoming a bigger issue than coronavirus

Accusing the Sindh police, he said, ”Please take notice against such police officials or else we’ll be forced to protest on the roads. We will demand justice there because coronavirus is an issue and these problematic police officers are another for us. Pakistan is our country but please provide us relief from such DSP’s as they have become a big issue for our dump trucks.”

Transporters Government Sindh Police

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Hopefully, the concerned authorities will look into the matter and provide just treatment to the transporters of Sindh. Apart from such negative stories, the crisis bringing the best in Pakistanis together. Currently, ration drives for the underprivileged are being held across the country as the poor class has been the most affected in these difficult times.

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